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Topic: Controll Issues

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Forum: Lucid Adventures
Subject: Controll Issues
Posted: Fri 01 Dec, 2006
I'm fairly new at the whole LD scene, I learned about it in October and since then I have been somewhat successful. 9 ld's in about 2 months. The thing I have been noticing about these dreams is that ...
Topic: Sleep Paralysis; my first experience

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Forum: the Stuff Dreams are made of...
Subject: Sleep Paralysis; my first experience
Posted: Sat 04 Nov, 2006
One of my most successful WILD experiences happened this morning after I had woken up from one of my longer dreams. After I woke up I decided to try a WILD before doing MILD and going back to sleep. S ...
Topic: Success, or so I think.

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Forum: Quest for Lucidity
Subject: Success, or so I think.
Posted: Thu 02 Nov, 2006
Hi, newcomer here, here is my story and some questions to follow.

It happened about 2 or so nights ago when I was lying in bed around 4:00 AM (my alarm had just woken me up) or so trying to sleep a ...
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