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Topic: Operation Rainfall - Effort to Localize 3 JRPG titles on Wii

Replies: 0
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Forum: Lucid Lounge
Subject: Operation Rainfall - Effort to Localize 3 JRPG titles on Wii
Posted: Sun 03 Jul, 2011
Hey guys; I'm not sure if you're aware of Operation Rainfall, a fan group picking up steam that is trying to get Nintendo to localize three great JRPGs in North America. The project has already gotten ...
Topic: Every Dream a (Somewhat) Lucid Dream

Replies: 6
Views: 2404

Forum: General Lucidness
Subject: Every Dream a (Somewhat) Lucid Dream
Posted: Sat 04 Jul, 2009
I know what you mean, I used to be in this same situation. You get to a point where most of the time you have the feeling that you're dreaming and that you have some control, but it doesn't actually s ...
Topic: Lucid Dreaming clothes

Replies: 7
Views: 4073

Forum: Lucid Adventures
Subject: Lucid Dreaming clothes
Posted: Tue 13 Jan, 2009
If you want to change your clothes, try to think out of the box; for instance, tell yourself that the clothes you're wearing are magic transformation clothes, and that you can reach into your pocket a ...
Topic: Best video game soundtrack?

Replies: 47
Views: 21624

Forum: Lucid Lounge
Subject: Best video game soundtrack?
Posted: Sun 11 Jan, 2009
Kingdom Hearts, maybe? I can't choose a "best," as they're all good in their own ways.
Topic: Passive Dream Control

Replies: 1
Views: 3714

Forum: Lucid Adventures
Subject: Passive Dream Control
Posted: Sun 11 Jan, 2009
If you are having trouble controlling your dreams, or you find that controlling your dreams forcefully makes them less vivid or makes you less lucid, then I suggest using passive dream control to achi ...
Topic: The B I G Lucid to-do list topic Part II

Replies: 148
Views: 92867

Forum: Lucid Adventures
Subject: The B I G Lucid to-do list topic Part II
Posted: Sun 11 Jan, 2009

If extending dream time is possible, I'd like to do this. It'd be incredible to be able to have a lucid dream last indefinitely; I'd want to return to the real world after a while, but I'd l ...
Topic: How did you get here? Part II

Replies: 148
Views: 36170

Forum: Lucid Lounge
Subject: How did you get here? Part II
Posted: Sat 29 Nov, 2008
When I was younger I would have a lot of nightmares, and in most I would realize it's a dream and try to wake myself up. In one of them a few years ago, I was unable to wake up, so I materialized a gu ...
Topic: Have any friends who are also interested in lucid dreams?

Replies: 136
Views: 55928

Forum: General Lucidness
Subject: Have any friends who are also interested in lucid dreams?
Posted: Mon 24 Nov, 2008
I recently did a book report on EWLD, and when people saw the cover they were curious, so I was able to tell my friends about lucid dreaming without having to bring it up, they asked out of their own ...
Topic: Ethics in lucid dreaming

Replies: 49
Views: 21604

Forum: General Lucidness
Subject: Ethics in lucid dreaming
Posted: Thu 09 Oct, 2008
The problem is, how do we know the characters in are dreams have no consciousness? We cannot know for sure. Through our perception in our dreams, they act as if they do have somewhat a will of their o ...
Topic: Has anyone tried this [lucid dreaming kit]?

Replies: 64
Views: 57771

Forum: Quest for Lucidity
Subject: Has anyone tried this [lucid dreaming kit]?
Posted: Sun 21 Sep, 2008
Eh, most people agree that most, if not all, of the info in one of those kits can be found for free on the internet, and you probably know a lot of it already. They're not really a miracle in a box, w ...
Topic: Can you taste when you are lucid dreaming?

Replies: 32
Views: 16290

Forum: Lucid Adventures
Subject: Can you taste when you are lucid dreaming?
Posted: Sat 20 Sep, 2008
Yeah, really there is no question of "Can you do X in an LD?" The answer is without fail yes, because you can do anything in an LD grin . That always amazes me when I actually think about it ...
Topic: absolute escpaism

Replies: 24
Views: 9942

Forum: General Lucidness
Subject: absolute escpaism
Posted: Thu 18 Sep, 2008
Hmm... depends. Do you mean being in a lucid dream forever, or a state similar to a lucid dream? There's quite a difference in the two. There are some things you aren't able to do even in a lucid drea ...
Topic: The FILD tech (was HILD) part III

Replies: 149
Views: 99093

Forum: Quest for Lucidity
Subject: The FILD tech (was HILD) part III
Posted: Wed 17 Sep, 2008
Last night, I fell asleep around 8:30-9:30 PM and set my alarm for 3:30 AM. When the alarm sounded I became aware of my intent to FILD, turned off the alarm clock, rolled on my side, and immediately b ...
Topic: weird error on posting

Replies: 64
Views: 27147

Forum: Helpdesk
Subject: weird error on posting
Posted: Sun 26 Aug, 2007
curl... c*rl... what?
Topic: Sound Induced Lucid Dream

Replies: 10
Views: 8332

Forum: Quest for Lucidity
Subject: Sound Induced Lucid Dream
Posted: Fri 10 Aug, 2007
If you wake up right before the sound accidentally, you could always try to WILD back to sleep.
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