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Topic: The B I G Lucid to-do list topic

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Forum: Lucid Adventures
Subject: The B I G Lucid to-do list topic
Posted: Tue 15 Jan, 2008
Jam with Hendrix (or any other musician I love). I've done it before in NDs but i had no control over it so it wasn't very exciting.
Topic: How long have you gone without sleep?

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Forum: the Stuff Dreams are made of...
Subject: How long have you gone without sleep?
Posted: Mon 21 May, 2007
Only a day...when it gets to the next morning i feel all hyper and stuff. I was at my friend's house and we did it, and then i came home and was like "woo, i stayed up all night!" and aroun ...
Topic: Music in LD's

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Forum: Lucid Adventures
Subject: Music in LD's
Posted: Mon 21 May, 2007
There has been a couple of times where i've played guitar, and jammed with some DCs, but i never remembered anything.

This was in an ND, but last night i had a dream that Billy Corgan from the Smas ...
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