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Topic: Dream pain isnt fun
The Cusp

Replies: 50
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Forum: General Lucidness
Subject: Re: Dream pain isnt fun
Posted: Fri 10 Dec, 2010
So due to me having great recall lately i have a very vivid memory of a dream where i got shot numerous times and could feel the pain of the wounds very well, after being shot alot i managed to get to ...
Topic: Controlling DCs while lucid?
The Cusp

Replies: 2
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Forum: Lucid Adventures
Subject: Controlling DCs while lucid?
Posted: Fri 10 Dec, 2010
I find the best way to control DCs is to use strong emotions. If you get really angry, the DCs will become violent. Become afraid and the DCs may turn predtaorial. But confidence is an emotion as w ...
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