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Topic: The BIG vitamin B topic

Replies: 149
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Forum: Quest for Lucidity
Subject: The BIG vitamin B topic
Posted: Tue 21 Feb, 2006
I have been taking a vitamin B complex for about a week now, and I must say the results are impressive. It is a full B complex and I take it one hour before I go to bed. In one week, I have had 3 ve ...
Topic: Learning to fly

Replies: 72
Views: 39472

Forum: Lucid Adventures
Subject: Learning to fly
Posted: Thu 09 Feb, 2006
It definitely comes with practice. The hardest thing is to build up the confidence that if you jump off that building, you are gonna fly and not free fall. I too, had problems in the beginning with ...
Topic: LD powers and things you managed to do

Replies: 70
Views: 30174

Forum: Lucid Adventures
Subject: LD powers and things you managed to do
Posted: Thu 09 Feb, 2006
Flying- Had troubles at first. I was trying to take off like Superman and fell on my face and broke my teeth, and was still lucid enough to get up and try it again. I would sometimes just float and ...
Topic: the BIG MILD topic [part II]

Replies: 143
Views: 138396

Forum: Quest for Lucidity
Subject: the BIG MILD topic [part II]
Posted: Sat 04 Feb, 2006
I practice WBTB and MILD as often as I can(I always wake up in the middle of the night). I am seemingly limited to about two LD per week. Though, I have had as many as 4 in the same night(early morn ...
Topic: Underwater fun

Replies: 25
Views: 9079

Forum: the Stuff Dreams are made of...
Subject: Underwater fun
Posted: Sat 04 Feb, 2006
My first LD was an underwater dream. Since then, all dreams in which I see any kind of water(often) trigger LDs for me. I love breathing and exploring underwater. I can move like a dolphin in the w ...
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