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Topic: Food

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Forum: Quest for Lucidity
Subject: Food
Posted: Sat 15 Nov, 2008
Ive seen food in my dreams, like during having a dinner. I dont think Ive ever actually eaten anything though..
However im sure its possible, Id love to eat in a lucid dream!
Topic: Quest 37 - november - Swim with the Dolphins

Replies: 53
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Forum: Lucid Adventures
Subject: Quest 37 - november - Swim with the Dolphins
Posted: Sat 15 Nov, 2008
I dreamed I swam with dolphins last night, not lucid though.. grrr. Im getting so tired of missing all the clear dreamsigns that have been visiting my dreams recently!
Topic: Tips for falling asleep quickly

Replies: 8
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Forum: Quest for Lucidity
Subject: Tips for falling asleep quickly
Posted: Fri 14 Nov, 2008
To me it seems that I cant sleep when I know I have set an alarm clock 5-6 hours later to try WBTB, so I always end up lying awake for a long time and then when the alarm goes off I havent been asleep ...
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