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My complaint about LD4All

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PostPosted: Mon 02 May, 2005  Reply with quote

My head hurts....anyone have a dictionary? read

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PostPosted: Mon 02 May, 2005  Reply with quote

Ath, some things in your complaint actually connected with LD4all, especially that sentence about bully's in the playground, i thought you where talking about the playground forum tounge2

DA: complaint noted tounge2 It's not a glitch, it's a feature wink5

oh! I forgot, I'm on holiday so no mod adding

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PostPosted: Wed 10 Aug, 2005  Reply with quote

I found this and couldn't believe that anyone could complain about LD4all...

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PostPosted: Fri 12 Aug, 2005  Reply with quote

Hehe, funny eh? grin

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PostPosted: Tue 16 Aug, 2005  Reply with quote

As much as some people may disagree with the following observations, I stand firmly by them. But first, let me pose you a question: Is Pres. George W. Bush actually concerned about any of us, or does he just want to inure us to licentious, unruly militarism? After reading this letter, you'll indubitably find it's the latter. I once told him that you shouldn't take threats made by the most ethically bankrupt prophets of vigilantism you'll ever see too seriously. How did he respond to that? He proceeded to curse me off using a number of colorful expletives not befitting this letter, which serves only to show that if my memory serves me correctly, Pres. Bush wants us to feel sorry for the ornery Neanderthals who abet ethnic genocide, dictatorships, and the most dastardly ingrates I've ever seen. I assert we should instead feel sorry for their victims, all of whom know full well that if I had to choose the most contumelious specimen from Pres. Bush's welter of pigheaded gabble, it would have to be Pres. Bush's claim that he would sooner give up money, fame, power, and happiness than perform a deplorable act.

In essence, if I were a complete sap, I'd believe Pres. Bush's line that the federal government should take more and more of our hard-earned money and more and more of our hard-won rights. Unfortunately for him, I realize that if Pres. Bush wants to complain, he should have an argument. He shouldn't just throw out the word "preterdiplomatically", for example, and expect us to be scared. He never stops boasting about his generous contributions to charitable causes. As far as I can tell, however, Pres. Bush's claimed magnanimousness is totally chimerical and, furthermore, when you tell Pres. Bush's slaves that Pres. Bush and his flunkies are the most misguided conspiracy theorists you can imagine -- and even then, only in your worst nightmares -- they begin to get fidgety, and their eyes begin to wander. They really don't care. They have no interest in hearing that it doesn't do us much good to become angry and wave our arms and shout about the evils of his philippics in general terms. If we want other people to agree with us and join forces with us, then we must take the initiative to present a noble vision of who we were, who we are, and who we can potentially be. I wish I could say this nicely, but I don't have much tolerance for sullen scatterbrains: Pres. Bush had promised us liberty, equality, and fraternity. Instead, he gave us Comstockism, mandarinism, and revanchism. I suppose we should have seen that coming, especially since once one begins thinking about free speech, about disaffected hatemongers who use ostracism and public opinion to prevent the airing of views contrary to their own feral beliefs, one realizes that I am intellectually honest enough to admit my own previous ignorance in that matter. I only wish that Pres. Bush had the same intellectual honesty. It is becoming increasingly obvious to many people that Pres. Bush somehow manages to get away with spreading lies (it is not only acceptable, but indeed desirable, to undermine serious institutional and economic analyses and replace them with a diverting soap opera of irresponsible conspiracies), distortions (his ideologies prevent smallpox), and misplaced idealism (his apothegms are our final line of defense against tyrrany). However, when I try to respond in kind, I get censored faster than you can say "noninterventionalist".

Although I consistently place blame where it belongs -- in the hands of Pres. Bush and his patronizing bootlickers -- I do not countenance challenging Pres. Bush through breaking the law -- to do so is cuckoo, immature, and indefensible. As soon as our backs are turned, his ebullitions will degenerate into hotbeds of rumor and innuendo. Enough said. I once overheard him say something quite astonishing. Are you strapped in? He said that anyone who dares to complain about abysmal underachievers can expect to suffer hair loss and tooth decay as a result. Can you believe that? At least his statement made me realize that he has a talent for inventing fantasy worlds in which arriving at a true state of comprehension is too difficult and/or time-consuming. Then again, just because Pres. Bush is a prolific fantasist doesn't mean that honor counts for nothing. Even if we accepted his mottos, so what? Does that mean that profits come before people? Of course not. The bottom line is that what Pres. George W. Bush is doing is akin to painting a mustache on the Mona Lisa.

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PostPosted: Tue 16 Aug, 2005  Reply with quote

the stuff it comes out with is funny

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PostPosted: Tue 16 Aug, 2005  Reply with quote

lol, when I read that, I was thinking "wth is he complaining about?"

Sorry, went right over my head

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PostPosted: Tue 16 Aug, 2005  Reply with quote

LD4ALL is god, or should is be pasquale for the main website? or the ld4all host? or the power station? ah well the ppower station and host would have been here anyway, who knows

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