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Can any one help me?

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Can any one help me?
PostPosted: Sat 24 Sep, 2005  Reply with quote

Hi ld4all its been a long time too long I got mixed up with alot of drugs and I completely stoped LDing but now im back and last night I had my first ld again 8D but anyways on with the question. one night about 2 months ago me and two other friends took mushrooms at my house I took about 5 grams give or take a little(alot for a guy my size) so towards the end I started having a bad trip I had no grip on reality I was having really strong hallucinations and I layed down on my bed and closed my eyes but when I opened them near my pillow was a eye shaped symbol and below it was some sort of ancient writing I felt a very strong connection to the dream world. now a few days ago I had a dream where I saw that exact same symbol in a cave but it ended up turing into a nightmare sadblauw if anyone has had a similar experience on mushrooms or knows what it means please tell me this has been bugging me for a while whatsthat and by the way sorry if I posted this in the wrong place.

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PostPosted: Sat 24 Sep, 2005  Reply with quote

weird...but then again what do i know i'm a newbie

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PostPosted: Sat 24 Sep, 2005  Reply with quote

hmm, i don't think many ppl have experience with mushrooms, but i do know that they allways give hallucinations, and maybe you've been thinking about the mushroom thing that night and that's been taken into your dream, maybe the symbol was your mind's "name" of the mushrooms and therefore it has caused you to see it in the dream

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PostPosted: Sun 25 Sep, 2005  Reply with quote

eye may also stand for the symbol of awaking.It may for example mean that you have opened your third eye and you`re being informed.Or it may mean that you are scared of doing so.Or that hallucination made strong impression on you and now your mind is "dealing "with it by reacting it out in dreams.
Or thats gonna rain tomorrow:)
Thing is we know a little about interpretation- pity that i struggle with it myself.

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