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You know you're an ld4all addict when... Part II
Are you an LD4all addict?
Are you an LD4all addict?
ofcourse not!
 7%  [ 17 ]
I am not an addict, only addicts will say they are not an addict, which I'm not. Did I say I am not an addict?
 20%  [ 44 ]
I need a cookie!
 37%  [ 82 ]
yes! and proud of it!
 33%  [ 73 ]
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You know you are a LD4all addict when....
PostPosted: Fri 03 Jun, 2005  Reply with quote

Thanks to Sandra for this list:

This are the things mentioned in the topic - if you are too lazy to read all the posts

You know you're addicted to LD4all when ...
  • you can't stay away from the forum eventhough you need to go and do other stuff.
  • you post in the forums even in your dreams
  • you find the "playground"-subforum more entertaining than the majority of the movies of your computer...
  • you find yourself posting in it a lot more often than the other forum you visit.
  • you start making threads about LD4all addiction
  • you log on at your every free moment.
  • you find yourself replying in these kinds of stupid threads
  • you find yourself looking up obscure BS just to win a point on philosopher's cloud
  • you post in your dreams
  • your whole room is filled with LD4all merchandise.
  • you can't help but log on even though you have many exams to study for...
  • you post in your dreams from your phone to the forum
  • When you browse the playground at all.
  • you know more about the people on the forum than your friends IRL
  • the only reason you have a computer is to be able to visit ld4all grin
  • when your have to replace your keyboard constantly because it keeps on braking from furious typing when posting stuff on ld4all
  • visiting ld4all (and SeaLife in my case) is the first thing you do when you get up in the morning or come home during the day
  • you keep thinking about how cool it would be to log in when you have to sit and listen to a boring lecture
  • you're asked to become a mod.
  • you ARE a mod ^^
  • the only site you visit for more than three hours a day is ld4all.
  • You still post in the Philosopher's Cloud even though you don't ld anymore.
  • you will die without ld4all
  • give up everything to go to ld4all
  • you can't live without ld4all
  • you are emotionally invested in the site
  • you have nightmares about something happening to it!
  • You'll walk for hours to get back to your computer to post on LD4All.
  • u cut class and go to ld4all in the nearest open computer at school
  • you're addicted to LD4all
  • You think LD4All is down whenever you lose your connection to the net.
  • You think the internet has crashed whenever LD4All is down.
  • you frantically hunt for a save point in final fantasy so you can get onto LD4all as soon as possible
  • you finally just turn off the playstation and lose some experience because you can't get to a save point easily and the pull of visiting LD4all is too strong!
  • you think about topics that you want to start, answers you want to give and questions that you have to members of the forum instead of concentrating on work or things you actually are doing(even sleeping)
  • you start conversation with your girlfriend with "today ive read on ld4all......"....and how was your day?
  • discussing the point you back up your statements according to what you read on forum(which is actually very good thing as here you get most reasonable and smart answers)
  • you have nightmares about your posts being deleted,censored or the worst ones that your post count was lost.
  • You, ironically, no longer get to have LDs because you no longer get to sleep because you can't seem to leave ld4all.
  • You miss out information during a phone call b/c you're responding to a post
  • You get on Ld4all from the whitehouse while visiting, and dwarf the "Highspeed" of T1, Cable, and DSL combined!
  • you knwo ur an ld4all addict when- on one of your school finals all you write about is how much you wished you were on ld4all and how much u missed everyones funny comments and soo forth.
  • you post too damn much and LD too much. lachgroen
  • you ask to become the server engineer to keep the server going to prevent crashes, etc.
  • you chat too much with LD4all buddies on MSN.
  • you weep for the server when it crashes or goes down for no reason.
  • all you do per fifth second is RC-ing.
  • you never want to let go of LD-ing for one night to induce it more.
  • u realzie there is a quick comment back at the bottom of the screen and dont even realize american idol is going on
  • you subconciously DON'T want to have an LD, simply because it gives you an excuse to ask for help and thus converse with the people here in ld4all.
  • you're active enough (excepting a 3 week hiatus) to be a mod.
  • you aquire around 100 posts in about a week or so.
  • you start to think of daily conversations in the format of a messageboard
  • you talk about it in normal life.
  • you're getting grounded for unfinished homework because you can't stop visiting the site.
  • it's the site you visit the most even though you no longer attempt to LD.
  • not even girls can distract you from Ld4all.
  • your username is "april".
  • your home page is http://forum.ld4all.com
  • you're willing to go through a whole thread just to post something good for people to read.
  • you keep a eye on this thread to see if someone posts another form of addiction that relates to you ^^
  • you only sleep 2 hours per day (uberman sleep cycle) so that you can spend more time on the forum.
  • you would rather hang out on the forum than have an LD.
  • most of your hobbies/projects are based on LD4All
  • you spend your birthday writing the longest sentence ever in the wordgame ^.^
  • you have an LD4all e-mail. grin
  • You're addicted to Wolfgame and have dreams about it before it even starts.
  • you leave your computer on ld4all just because you can. and you practically are the only thign keeping certains topics up and runnign.
  • An hour of being away from LD4all feels like an eternity
  • You have a LD, and you decide that instead of flying or adventuring, you'd rather go on the forum and chat with a DC of pasQuale.
  • When you stay up too late to up date your DJ when you should be in bed sleeping.
  • your internet history consists only of this site
  • you're thinking hole the time in English (and you native language isn't Englisch or you live in a English country) because you post and read on ld4all
  • the longest visit website on school is ld4all, but you're the only one who goes to ld4all
  • you get fired because you spend to much time on ld4all
  • you find your writing skills slowly improving because of the wolfgame roleplay and the Fantasy RPG.
  • the first 5 topics in the playground have all been posted last by you
  • you use your LD's to visit the website tounge2
  • you're the only member on...
  • you really believe you're living in a small village called Calla... siiw
  • you're guilty of everything that has been posted, and will ever be posted, here in this thread.
  • You post at the playground at rush hour just to see all the posts get messed up.
  • you have a Bad habit of posting to old topics?
  • Your mother knows the rules of the Wolfgame
  • Your RL friends (who are not members of LD4all) knows the name of some of the members because you have been talking about them.
  • you play too much in the Wolfgame and the Final Fantasy battles.
  • you go over to a friend's house and all you do is go on the forum the whole time.
  • you're reading the Harry Potter books and see the name "Lucius" and your mind automatically thinks of "Lucidus."
  • you return to the forum after being banned!
  • you're really glad to see banned people back even though you talked to them on msn messenger the whole time.
  • you mistake your username with your real name. Unless they're the same.
  • you one day freak out when the site is down when you were about to check your TRN mails. (Topic Reply Notification)
  • you feel more like you’re your username than your real life name
  • you fight with wifi on a 3" screen for ten minutes just to check replies on your posts. when you are
    away from your computer
  • you beg to get another computer in your bedroom so that one's never occupied. (and get it)
  • you're up LD4ALLing at 03:45 although you have to get up at 6 to go to your new job which involves operating heavy machinery rechterduim omhoog met knipoog
  • you stay awake one hour more just to read Wolfs DJ and be the first that posts in his part 3.
  • When you're so much of an addict that if someone even says 'hello', you have an automatic response of, "I'M NOT AN ADDICT!!!"
  • you iming 2 forum members and still responding to posts at the same time
  • your whole msn list is made up of people from LD4all grin
  • you chat with people in IMs and post in the forum at the same time you check your Topic Reply Notifications.
  • you think about covering curses with asterisks or other symbols when talking IRL.
  • you freak out when you are suddenly banned.
  • when you MSN or IM or whatever lachgroen with someone from LD4all and then post the log 3 times on the forum. tounge2
  • you are an addict if you have your own playground thread
  • you repeatedly click the "Refresh" button to see if there are any replies.
  • you worry about other member's wellfare.
  • u have over 1000 posts
  • someone starts a playground topic guessing game about your custom titles
  • you actually know some of above custom titles to guess grin
  • you click on 'who's online' to see if somebody is posting a message and anticipate to read it
  • you try to become playground king at every waking moment
  • people says addict to you all the time
  • you answers your own posts
  • you check if the person you are expecting a reply from is online and in the forum where the thread they should reply is.
  • you have several windows on the computer and every window on the computer check differents parts on ld4all so that you can faster get to the right topic when something new has been posted
  • you have 5 playground topics dedicated to you
  • you CAN'T take a break ebil
  • you cannot seem to completely quit, you are drawn back even after long breaks
  • you do a WBTB but couldn't fall asleep so you decide to visit ld4all instead
  • you're so popular on LD4all that people dream of you. eek2
  • you reply to this topic all the time help!
  • you attack the storygame
  • you write several pages in the size=1 topic
  • you post in this topic even when you don't have anything to add
  • you had Dreamaddicts tk page as your start-up internet page so you could always have his LD4all google search available
  • you set the Wolfgame clock as the startup page which has a direct link to the wolf game!! eh
  • you thought about logging out an hour ago but haven't done it yet.
  • you keep reading this topic tounge2
  • some of your best friends are people from LD4all, though you've never met them IRL. shy2
  • you got an avatar so that you can post in the avatar topic.
  • you tell someone who isn't a member of ld4all the martinijoke
  • you post chatlogs tounge2
  • you doublepost / tripplepost /quadripplepost
  • you can read piglatin as good as you can read normal english
  • you reach 5 stars/1000 posts in 4 months of being member (not counting the countless playground posts)
  • you get pissed off for not being able to log on the chat as Kenny.
  • you said in your first post you would come here in WBTB and if you were bored, but never did go to here because of that reasons and even make time for it grin
  • you change your DJ's title into "I'm not an addict!!!"
  • you're name is Wolf
  • you go to both the dutch and english ld4all forums.
  • you have your first LD in a month-long dry spell, and one of the first things you do is go on the dream version of LD4all. lach1
  • you're still logged on when there are no new replies and then you content yourself with trying to uncover just who is that currently logged on hidden member in the forum.
  • you KNOW who the hidden member is. ^^
  • you read all playgrounds post when you haven't been here on friday and saturday and sunday morning
  • you before you have to travel read all the topics to be sure you missed nothing grin
  • You dream about the "next" layout of LD4alll before Q even knows she's going to make one. wink5
  • you've been up for 28 hours straight, and 99.9% of the time you were on LD4all. tounge2
  • you find yourself curious about ld4all's past days that you start reading the archives of the past forum.
  • you have an avatar protesting that you are nt an addict...
  • you keep noticing new names (usually old members already) in the members online and you keep clicking on their profiles.
  • you call your father and ask him to go to the forum because your own internet connection is down
  • you frequent the forum no longer simply because of lucid dreaming, but rather because of the company one can find within.
  • you post below someone specifically in the playground to send them a hug for saying such nice things about them and doesn't want them to think that your thanks is just for a post count in the 2000 competition
  • people on the forum know more about you than your own parents/friends/mate eek2
  • You post in almost every Playground topic to get your revenge at Q and Poodle.
  • you're in a contest to get to 2000 posts. grin
  • everyone of the posts you made that counts, really do count as posts and not just...
  • people actually think you live in Lala Land. help!
  • you say I'm not an addict all the time
  • you sign to get Mag to admit he is an addict when yourself is Magnus
  • you're writing in your DJ and you have about 10 people talking to you over MSN, YIM, and AIM begging you to come into chat.
  • u come to be with friends and dont knwo anyone at all that is whe u become and addict or whe u come just to see how badly you got owned in rap battles
  • you has 8 dreams and 50% of them is about the forum
  • you have a LD and the first thing you think of is "What thing can I do to be eligible to reply to that one post..."
  • you crosspost
  • you're whole life has changed because of ld4all.
  • you have the ld4all emblem burned in your retina and can still see it upon leaving the computer
  • u write a dantes inferno paper and use pasquale as your vergil.
  • you make folder labeled, "LD4all" and add all the smileys so you can send e-mails with them. ^^
  • you spend a clas period tryign to get aroudn the school block on ld4all
  • you make a program in java that say LD4ALL IS THE BEST
  • you recognize people more by their avatars than by their names.
  • you see an unrecognized avatar, you excitedly welcome them.
  • you're without the internet, you'll write up new posts or replies on paper to type up and post later
  • the first thing you do with your new UMTS phone is visit LD4all to see what it looks like smile
  • your school/work blocks ld4all and IRC.
  • you walk by people and wonder what type of avatar they'd use.
  • you're constanly denying that you are an addict
  • you're reading a sentence that ends in "..." and you do a double take to make sure it's not words in size=1. lach1
  • you wait for every member to leave so that you can get to post in the All Alone topic
  • you have the code for all the smilies in your head so you can use correct smilies when posting from a phone.
  • you're so popular that an imposter steal your name
  • you spend a good part of the day searching for items from the scavenger hunt.
  • you know every single game going on here.
  • you scan the who's online list for new names to use in the connect the LD4all member's game
  • you read this ...
  • you're one week here and you didn't left (it can happen earlier, but after a week it's sure you're addicted)
  • you have a daily post count over 20.
  • you are an addict when you have visited every day since you joined ... except for if you lose your connection temporarily.
  • your subconcious refers members on ld4all to dreams
  • you find you cant function properly without the substance you are addicted to. In my case, LD4ALL and cappuccino.
  • You specifically get broadband so you can get faster reception on this site.
  • You have this site in the favourites of every computer you sit at in the school computer lab.
  • You could type in the URL while you are sleeping
  • When more than 95% of your msn list of over 60 people consists of LD4all members tounge2
  • You're an addict if you are supposed to enter another forum but instead you write www.ld4all.com/forum without thinking
  • you admit it.
  • you see a bear documentary on tv and you have to think about Kenai help!
  • you immediately explain to your husband that there is a member on LD4all who is a bear grin
  • you go to post every single time you have nothing to do
  • you log on the forum so often then you don't give others enough time to send a new post.
  • you have atleast one Forum inspired dream each night
  • You have a 17.25 posts-a-day rate and feels at the very least 70% of them are actually meaningful (as opposed to games in the Playground, stupid questions and stuff)
  • you have a browser that uses tabs and you always keep at least one open on LD4all.
  • you join the chat from you cell phone while the teacher is saying something about anything...
  • becuase your parents don't allow you on the computer 3 days a week, you get up at 5am for the WG vote.
  • you really don't want to play the next WG, but you just can't help singing up as soon as the current one's over.
  • You accidentally say 'ebil' instead of 'evil' in a normal conversation
  • There are some tastey Christmas cookies on the table, but your first thought is that they're ebil... ebil
  • you change the colors of your braces to purple or blue, which are the background colors of ld4all.
  • you dream of Unigons!
  • you follow the links at the bottom of people's posts
  • You read a long list of ways to know if you're a ld4all addict.
  • you're voice talking to your SG.
  • you attempt to convince people to join "Wolbism" and tell them to go to "The Church of Wolb".
  • you're so well known that you BECOME a SG! ^^
  • you are Wolb at all.
  • you try to make people think you really ARE a wolbist and tell everyone you know about wolbism, and even do the wolbist sign to your friends.
  • you're such a forum popstar that Q dreams about you siiw
  • you dream about Q
  • you don't write any dream in your DJ for one day and you have a mob screaming, "MORE DREAMS! MORE DREAMS!"
  • you have more friends from the forum than IRL.
  • you use acronyms in your convos with people that aren't from the forum. shy2
  • When you use acronyms when speaking in regular conversations with people not from LD4all. grin1
  • you laugh reading this thread because you remember having done at least one half of what's here.
  • other members love your suggestions in this topic.
  • people start mass dreaming about you and call it a Brunoitis or WhateverYourNameIsitis
  • you are not only dreaming with members of the forum but their pets too.
  • people dream up new inside jokes that include you. *cough*Wolfhugs=hubs*cough* grin
  • people make fan flags for you tounge2
  • you dream of a forum members handwriting
  • Or when my post list looks Like this
  • You have to do something on the computer and you Start sthe computer and open internet, you type LD4all and then you find out that you don't have to be at LD4all. grin
  • you are so glad other people are addicted to LD4all and you start to wish other people will get addicted to it too. Not to mention hoping that the other addicts will only get more addicted to the forum as time passes.
  • you know all the forum inside jokes and contributes with the inside jokes thread.
  • you've reached 120 posts in 6 days
  • a day away from LD4all is like being stuck in the dessert for 40 days and 40 nights with only a canteen full of water.
  • you write an essay and use BBCode ^^
  • you completely forget the HTML you used for years after becoming accustomed to BBCode. ^^
  • a page comes up informing you that you need to wait a while before you post again
  • you refresh the webpage every 5 seconds anxiously awaiting new posts anx
  • you make new friends here at ld4all.
  • you nearly have a heart-attack in excitement when you see other’s posts eek2
  • you're called 'a legend' in the chatroom. siiw
  • you're a new member being compared to Bruno ^^
  • , if well known on the forum, you are referred to as 'Wolf Junior'.
  • mods PM you...
  • you PM mods to chat lach2
  • your name is Huey
  • you miss two days of it, you throw up and get sick and pass out.
  • you bump 2 year old posts
  • you're still here
  • You start to panic, thinking you've been banned, when after logging in... the site keeps telling you that the username or password is invalid.
  • You start thinking there stands something else than there does, because someone on the forum dreams a lot about the thing you think there stands ^^
  • You can't stay away from the site. ever.
  • you are the maker of the site...
  • there are STILL flags with your name everywhere eek2
  • the forum feels more like a place than a site...
  • you see member's avatars in general public areas and identify them as the LD4all member and not what the actual picture/character is...
  • you feel more at home on the forum than--well...at home
  • it's 6am and you would rather see what means you are addicted to LD for all than going to sleep. >_>
  • logging on to ld4all becomes one of your necessary life funtions
  • you go to LD4all in the morning when you actually don't have the time to go there.
  • you start pretending to be in love with something strange...
  • you have nothing to say, but post something anyway...
  • you are a real life wolbist...
  • you're working at 2 differnt computers at once--both on the LD4All website...
  • you map out strategies for Wolfgame like it's a real life event...
  • You begin to stalk the members continuously.
  • your most vivid HI are flashes of the LD4all forum index.
  • you find yourself posting on this forum at 4:06am.
  • all you ever seem to go on is LD4ALL, and your friends have learned to dread you on this site...
  • you're supposed to have gotten off at 10, but no one said anything, and though you would really like to rest your weary back, the call of the forum is too strong of a pull to ignore...
  • you want to get off work, not so that you can be off, but so you can go on ld4all, even if your not posting anything.
  • you write "visit www.ld4all.com" on every surface you see in hopes that you may get the word out on the site...then demand that you get paid for advertising....
  • you configure your PSP for wireless Web access to stay on the forum everywhere you go! smile
  • you have memorized the names and avatars of different people, and when they change, you don't know who they are!
  • you, while you are waiting for another page to load, automatically reload the forum search page in another window, to read that while waiting.
  • you forget you were actually waiting for above page to load
  • you have your own personal LD4all smiley code
  • you have the forum open in 2 windows and never leave throughout the day, except to eat, drink and sleep.
  • the mods send you PMs telling you to slow down three days in a row...
  • it's the first page you open on purpose every day of every month tounge2
  • you don't know what to do when this message appears just after a few minutes after you had logged on
    The LD4all forum is temporarily down for maintenance

    please be patient, we should be back online soon!

  • you wake up with withdrawal symptoms
  • you are still trying to go lucid but haven't made it yet.
  • you make an essay about LD4all for fun
  • you go to LD4all on every occasion to go on a computer
  • you neglect homework for LD4all
  • you put your personal Ld4all adictions on the internet
  • the 2 things you work for most in your life are LD4all and LD's
  • you get ecstatic because you had an LD
  • you make an LD4all fansite
  • you have more friends on the Forum than you have in real life...
  • you forgot what the real point of the site was.
  • 95% of your posts get sent to BlissfullBlues world...
  • new threads by your name pop up outta nowhere... eh
  • you get the threads and topics all mixed up... overspannen
  • you'd rather replace interacting with people in real life with logging on to the website....
  • you post from your phone on the way to work
  • you have more posts in the playground then in the rest of the forum and you still have a post count of 20+ per day
  • you have 2 DJ's and a dream planner
  • you start making your fellow members part of your family ^^
  • you make a thread called "You know you are an LD4all addict when..."
  • you have more than two electronic devices (not computers or laptops) that are internet capable, just so you can stay logged onto LD4All... ^^
  • you see the dusty skeleton of a pet you forgot to feed...
  • you lose track of all time and finally leave the computer in a confused haze, having no clue about what "reality" is.
  • you are on...every--single--day...
  • you rush home from school/work to check the forum
  • you believe without a doubt t6hat everyone is a wolf
  • you realize you've never met your best friend in person...
  • even your dad complains you eat to many cookies grin
  • you're temporarily banned and find no further use for your computer...
  • you're temporarily banned and become teminally ill...
  • You have a dream affair with moogle!
  • you take naps at your computer sleep user
  • just while waking up, instead of recalling your dreams, you think: "Yes! I'll reply this to this post!"
  • you deny being an addict. sly
  • you become a moderator in only two months! ebil
  • you feel like tearing your computer apart because the screen won't load up fast enough >.<
  • you show as active in all boards of the forum at the same time tounge2
  • you go on another forum and look for BIG topics on certain subjects lach1
  • you wanna be adopted by Q
  • you see a newbie and they start catching up in post then you race them to see who can make it higher faster..though your racing without them knowing..
  • you've been dubbed "Huey Jr." tounge2
  • Q gives you cookies
  • you e-hug the same person atleast 10 times per day...
  • you become a grandfather of an e-family.
  • you become irritated if people on LD4all are paying more attention to other people than you.
  • you have made up alternate names for certain people... ^^
  • you try using the / me command at SeaLife not knowing that it doesn't work.
  • you know your kin, codon, or wavespell...
  • you seperate your 'you know you are a addict when' post to make it into 2 ^^ so you can earn your stars faster obviously
  • you don't realize that playground posts don't count towards stars tounge2
  • you make-up words that have some combination of it and your username.
  • the April Joke of the forum hits you hard.
  • you always think of LD4all when (you or) your sister eats cookies, especially when she says that she's addicted to them grin
  • you dream of having a huge LD4all tattoo on your back.
  • you are having a conversation about post rates. lach1
  • you and your sister joke about how your LD4All addiction is like her Neopets addicition a year ago.
  • your own mother arranges therapy courses for you crazy
  • you're on school on the computer find out about the news from the lost posts, really hope it's fake, it's not true, it's the computer's fault, are sad because of it, race to go home to go to LD4all.
  • you see the name Magnus in Harry Potter and you immediately think of Magnus from the forum.
  • you go to the forum even when it's all locked down and just enjoy that it is so fast now
  • you have mods on standby in case one of your posts breaks forum rules by acident.
  • you’re reading a tread and see something and because of that you have to PM a member because he’s not online and you have to tell him that before you forget, while it’s actually just nothing important.
  • you make a list of all the things in this topic grin
  • or when you read the whole list (the topic is more fun to read, there are silly comments in it :D )

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You know you're an ld4all addict when... Part II
PostPosted: Wed 26 Oct, 2005  Reply with quote

... when your subconcious refers members on ld4all to dreams shy2

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LD4all addict
LD4all addict
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PostPosted: Wed 26 Oct, 2005  Reply with quote

You know youre an addict when you find you cant function properly without the substance you are addicted to. In my case, LD4ALL and cappuccino.

Link to My DJ: ld4all.com
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PostPosted: Sun 30 Oct, 2005  Reply with quote

You now you're an LD4all addict when...

You specifically get broadband so you can get faster reception on this site.

You have this site in the favourites of every computer you sit at in the school computer lab.

You could type in the URL while you are sleeping

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PostPosted: Sun 30 Oct, 2005  Reply with quote

When more than 95% of your msn list of over 60 people consists of LD4all members. tounge2

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Suddenly Around!
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PostPosted: Sun 30 Oct, 2005  Reply with quote

Magnus wrote:
I don't believe you Blackangel
I have been here every day and I'm not an addict
and I don't think the cookies are evil

yeah , sure

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PostPosted: Sun 30 Oct, 2005  Reply with quote

You're an addict if you are supposed to enter www.tolkiensarda.se/forum but instead you write www.ld4all.com/forum without thinking

Current LD goal(s): Play chess on the moon :), transform into a guinea pig
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Dream Deity
Dream Deity
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PostPosted: Sun 30 Oct, 2005  Reply with quote

Wolf wrote:
When more than 95% of your msn list of over 60 people consists of LD4all members. tounge2

Hurray, that's true for me (I even deleted some non ld4all people )

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Cid Silverwing
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PostPosted: Thu 03 Nov, 2005  Reply with quote

... when you have like over 25 LD4All people in your contact lists, even their cell phone numbers.

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death metal soul.
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PostPosted: Sat 05 Nov, 2005  Reply with quote

dont know if this was said and it is pretty lame but when you admit it.

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PostPosted: Thu 01 Dec, 2005  Reply with quote

when you see a bear documentary on tv and you have to think about Kenai help!

when you immediately explain to your husband that there is a member on LD4all who is a bear grin

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The Forum Bear
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PostPosted: Fri 02 Dec, 2005  Reply with quote

I didn't know that i did such impression on the people on the forum Thanks for thinking of me Q colgate

*you go to post every single time you have nothing to do

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PostPosted: Fri 02 Dec, 2005  Reply with quote

I am on the forum every day and alle my free time every day (exept when my conection brakes)
I tink of kenai every time I tink of bears and when I her the word bear.
I have no MSN so 98% of my list are LD4all members (100% of my AOL IM buddy list are LD4all members)
I post here in my dreams.
I know all the curent games on the playgrund.
ADDICT = ME! ebil

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Pshy psh psh...
just the colored stars
Wolf has successfully completed an LD4all Quest!
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PostPosted: Mon 05 Dec, 2005  Reply with quote

-Over 70 people on msn now. ^^

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The Forum Bear
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PostPosted: Mon 05 Dec, 2005  Reply with quote

i have 5 sadblauw

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