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Fictional Worlds part 1

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Fictional Worlds part 1
PostPosted: Sun 25 Jan, 2009  Reply with quote

A Fictional World is a world that you created out of your own imagination, that maybe has people, monsters, or both depending on what you like. They can either speak english, or some other language, even one completely made up. Here is the topic about them. ^^

My Fictional World is called Grasalukiato, a massive continent located in the middle of the Indian Ocean. It's filled with dense forests, raging waterfalls and ancients ruins. The language spoken by the people is Kaadin, which is a conlang I created. Grasalukiato means "great lands". The people who inhabit the continent are the natives and nomads. Nomads live in the mountains and are more primative then the natives, who tend to use technology but not to a great extent whereas Nomads never use technology.

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PostPosted: Wed 28 Jan, 2009  Reply with quote

I know a fictional world called Ceeia.

About all i know about it comes from dreams, and sometimes the boundary between dreams and stories i told myself as a child become blurry. The name Ceeia means simply "all of the people" or "human kind" in their language (i guess they didn't know a lot of other people when the name was first used)

There are three races or groups of people living there: the old people, the "common" people and the mountain people. A DC has explained to me that there have been three waves of immigration, in very early human history. I don't usually see many of the mountain people, but some characters of the "old people" are very noticeable. (It is interesting how the different groups of people are a little similar to Peridot's) The old people has slightly different senses than others, the difference is noticeable when i experience a scene from their point of view.

Several dreams have revealed parts of the world's history to me. The first person to settle there was apparently a survivor from a disaster, and she and her daughter or apprentice spent a lot of time planting and preparing before other settlers arrived. She later became their queen. There used to be two main directions of belief before some unknown event, which later merged.

There has once been a...what is the english word? Somebody took the power away from the royal family. They used magic to imprison many high standing members of the society, and it took a while before the people revolted...from the dream, it started with one person defiantly singing the old national hymn before the dictator. I have had many dreams about tracking and freeing magically imprisoned people.

The people of Ceeia seems to respect nature and their land greatly. All their places of worship, if it can be called that, are built on natural springs. The most important one is located roughly at the centre of the inhabitable land, and it is said that the water from the spring there mixes into every river. I have seen namings/presentations of children there, and two weddings in dreams.

I could go on and on about this! It would probably fill a book if i wrote down everything i remember. I could write about sacred paths, natural energy sources that can defy gravity, secret passages in the royal palace, the ruined city in the swamp, the lively market which turns into my favourite resting place at night. Each Ceeia dream is very enjoyable, because it always reveals another little piece of the story and world. It has a certain mood or feeling that i instantly recognise.

There is the language too, which has been slowly growing in vocabulary over the years. I sometimes sing in that language in dreams.

*Siiw stops typing and goes to bed!

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PostPosted: Thu 05 Feb, 2009  Reply with quote

Oh! Oh! this is so cool!
I wanna make one up! :D

My fictional world is called Aquatimani. It is a large island in the Pacific Ocean. It is populated by Massive palm trees, and visited by many hurricanes. Deep in the dense jungles, there is but one ruin. the ruins of aquatica, An Ancient and technilogically advanced civilaization that was destroyed by a civil war. Many secrets lie in the ruins, and many areas haven't been explored by the people who live there.

The people who populate Aquatimani are called the Oceaneers. They are people who have adapted to the land and the sea. As a result, they have gills on their necks, allowing them to breath air and water. Their fingers and toes are webbed, and their eyes are always a pale blue color. there is 1 waterfall at the south side of the Island called Ocean's decent. It's the biggest waterfall in the world, and many people have died from it as a result. North of the waterfall is a long stretching desert. The river leading to the waterfall is the only source of water in the whole desert, aside from 1 or 2 oasis's.

The Oceaneers are an advanced race, not as advanced as their ancestors, but more so than the average human. They speak mostly Spanish, and have a deep respect for all life. As a result, Nature seems to have granted them a slight "magic". They can not freely cast spells, but when the time is needed, nature seems to respond to their emotions and may help them out, such as a tree moving and attacking, or a geyser forming right below the opponents feet. They are a charmed race.

Aquatinami is (for the most part) a Utopian society. Because of their deep respect for all life, they avoid conflicts at all costs. They are a very patient people. They have made a kind of device that harnesses sea-salt, and then they add a kind of gelatin they find in a unique plant that only grows on the island. It's called the Gelatin plant, and it grows in the desert. The gelatin plant produces gelatin that coats it's leaves to protect it from the desert sun and heat. The oceaneers harness it and add the salt to it, resulting in a kind of jell-o meal. They could also add coconut, mango( wink ) Pineapple, Banana, or papaya to the mix. For drink, there are various springs around the jungle, and freshwater in the desert oasis's. There is also a geyser field to the east part of the island, it is possible to get freshwater there too.

I don't know what else to add, so I'm just gonna end it there.

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PostPosted: Sun 08 Feb, 2009  Reply with quote

I have kind of a fictional city that appears in my dreams often. I think the influences on it are Italian, as the architecture is dominated by columns and arches. It's a modern city, though. I think a river runs through it and it has many historic monuments in it, both unique to the city and those found in other real cities (for example, I walked under l'Arch de Triumphe in my dream while I was there).

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PostPosted: Mon 09 Feb, 2009  Reply with quote

Wow. Totally great idea, but right now I don't have the energy to say all that I wish! I will, however, keep this in mind! I'll come back once I get my notes together on all the worlds I've been visiting. alien

For instance, you see, my current location is Middle-Earth. grin

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PostPosted: Mon 09 Feb, 2009  Reply with quote

I created a fictional world about a year ago, when I was starting with the attempts to have LDs. It was as a test to get me lucid. The plan was that I'd think about it before I fall asleep and hopefully my dream would transport me there. I gave the place some features that would remind me that it is a dream(I have created 4 such features so far, I think. One such is an old, grumpy Elvis living in an old wooden shack, full of stuff from 1960 America . The shack itself is on a beach.).
However I didn't manage to finish it in time and then school started, robbing me of most of my time grrr, so that world is incomplete still...
I think I'll try to find some time soon, finish it and post it here as well... after I've translating it into English.

Thanks for reminding me! rechterduim omhoog met knipoog

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PostPosted: Tue 10 Feb, 2009  Reply with quote

My world is known as Adya, so far I've only constructed the largest continent but there's also lots of smaller islands spread across the ocean. Pretty much everything lives there; several kinds of elves, humans, dragons, harpies, centaurs. The terrain's pretty multi-faceted as well; deserts, swamps, forests, mountains, tundras and plains. I hadn't thought about using it for LDing though. :D

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PostPosted: Thu 12 Feb, 2009  Reply with quote

Oh! Fun topic.

My fictional world, Disigia, is a planet half the mass of Earth. It orbits two stars, both of which are one-and-a-half times the mass of Earth's sun. Disigia harbors some 36 moons. 16 of these moons are entirely lunar-based radio space stations, i.e.: massive speaker satellites. As they orbit Disigia, they project the radio waves directly onto the planet, achieving a universal background music. The lunar satellites are solar-powered and capable of converting the two stars' energy into a celestial, neon laser-and-light show via technologically-advanced mirrors.

Nano-prisms are artificially fused into the ozone of Disigia, making it possible for the sky to instantaneously become any spectrum of colors. Gravity is nearly zero, and is only artifically generated in designated areas. The atmosphere is almost pure oxygen. The planet itself is made up mostly of water and vapor, with a core composed of strange matter. Because of the low gravity, pockets of water float freely through the atmosphere. The weather runs the gamut; from light rains, to winds of 6000 miles per hour.

Land masses, aptly called 'skylands', float above the crystal aquamarine surface of Disigia. Skylands are numbered in the hundreds of thousands, ranging in size from a few square yards, to a small country. All floating about at different altitudes.

One of these skylands, Pokitaru, is the amalgamation of a transfuture Tokyo; a steel and carbon, mecha-jungle populated by quirky, carefree locales rocking out to the beats of the ubiquitous megamix track. They ride in massive, mechanized 'megazords' that also serve the function of a an ultra-modern home. High-definition holographic images are superimposed onto the 360°area of sky surrounding Pokitaru, and 'skyways' connect the skyland to several others.

The inhabitants of Disigia are highly-adaptable, constantly undergoing instantaneous evolution. A sample of their abilities include: flight, telekinesis, superstrength, and laser vision - for some reason, or another. All animals are capable of flight, underwater breathing, or a combination of both. And they glow in the dark.

So, that's Disigia in a nutshell. ^^

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PostPosted: Fri 08 May, 2009  Reply with quote

if anyone here has watched treasure planet, then think of the map thing that he got. when i have a real ld then im probably going to carry something like that in my pocket, it can show you thousands of different worlds, so i will just look, find one that suits what i want to do that time, and go there.

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PostPosted: Fri 08 May, 2009  Reply with quote

I have a realm that is used for imagining objects, persons, dream-related phenomena etc. It's usually a bright-green plain, with a forest on the left (which is rarely being looked at) and a skyscraper on the right, with a park bench in front.

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PostPosted: Sat 09 May, 2009  Reply with quote

Ceeia sounds wonderful! It must be great to be able to have such a retreat! grin

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PostPosted: Sat 09 May, 2009  Reply with quote

I have some world, but it's heavily expanded Sonic Universe.
Most of it is based on New York city. Usually at night. My character is a time controling hedgehog. He usually parkours around the city.
Also there are some interesting moments.

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PostPosted: Mon 11 May, 2009  Reply with quote

Hmm, I dont know what to say to this topic, but I always had it hard to make an own world.

Ive been in several worlds, like MiddleEarth, the world of Harry Potter, but those worlds are always mixed up.

But the most relaxing worlds Ive been in are Ceeia siiw and a world (it has a name, but I dont remember it) with a lot of islands, sea as far as the eye sees (there is also a city). That world is really relaxing, there lives people there, but I couldnt see what sort of people it is.

I have the dream of the unnamed world here and as you see it is a DC's fictional world tounge2

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PostPosted: Mon 11 May, 2009  Reply with quote

I have a secret world. It is mostly a desert, with oasis' dotting the landscape. In each oasis, there is a pool of water in the center, with blooming cacti and ferns. The water is pure, crystal clear, and has a breathtaking waterfall coming in at a point. The waterfall has a downward slope, slick with algae. The inhabitants of this desert are fun-loving people, who camp out in the desert at night, and play in the oasis' during the day.


If only it were real...

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PostPosted: Thu 28 May, 2009  Reply with quote

I have one made up world, although I forgot what the "planet" was called, I do have the names for all the areas within the main country. Sunset bay is a beach area, with a bridge that leads to a floating island, which contains the civilization section. The ocean is called the "Blue brick ocean" (I was heavily influenced by Lego back then.) Another area, Kitch City, is a very urban island chain. Another island chain, the Brick Islands, is right next to Kitch City. It used to be only 3 islands, but 1 island split into 4 sections. The last city is called "Compu City." It's heavily urban, and there's a giant hospital there. Most people sent to that hospital never come out... many speculate that aliens control the area, but no one is sure.

The main inhabitants of the country are humans, formerly called "Walky-Walks." Also existent, is the "Bigblob family." They have many forms, including the following: "Mini Bigblobs", "Chompies", "Small Bigblobs", "Bigblobs", "Super Bigblobs", "Giant Bigblob", "Super Giant Bigblob", "Crowned Bigblob", "Omega Bigblob." Basically, what a Bigblob looks like is the area from your elbow, to the tips of your fingers, the mouth of the Bigblob being your hand (fingers are teeth), and the arm is it's body. It has no arms, and has roots which plant it in the ground. It can move, by plopping out of the ground, and using the roots as legs. Citizens travel using space ships, with lasers as weapons. Legendary creatures, known as Titans, rule the elements. The titans include: Fire, Water, Sand, Earth, Air, and Fantasy. The fantasy titan was sealed away on an asteroid long ago. when it became too powerful. A hidden labyrinth has been discovered in a cliff, where the fire titan has been located. Also, if explored far enough, a very hidden area can be found. Another titan, the plant titan, can be found. It was banished for an unknown reason, and resides in the hidden location. Deep underwater, the water titan lurks. It's the most well known titan. It surfaces every night at exactly 12:00 AM. The sand titan can be found underneath many grains of sand under the beach. It can fire a powerful beam that breaks down rocks to individual grains of rock. The Earth Titan lives in underground ruins, that have yet to be discovered by the citizens of the country. The air titan can be found flying in the air at very high altitudes. No one has seen it up close. A region high above ground level, called the sky temple, is a floating temple where travelers can teleport to anywhere in the universe. There's one catch, when traveling in a vehicle, one cannot find the sky temple. The sky temple is one of the few places where you can reach the fantasy belt. The fantasy belt is an asteroid belt somewhere in the galaxy where the fantasy titan was sealed away. It is said that people might be living there.

...There's probably more, but I can't think of it right now.

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