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Cot Death research

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Cot Death research
PostPosted: Mon 23 Feb, 2009  Reply with quote

I read this a while ago about cot death, it was very interesting.

It was research done in the 80s I think which cot death foundations around the world still continue to ignore.

The research said that cot death was caused by a common household fungus which got into a babies mattress and reacted with chemicals in the mattress which I think are used as fire retardants, and gives off a toxic gas which can kill a baby very quickly. Which explains things like why less babies die sleeping on their back, why it is less common for first childs to be effected and more common for the other children because of reusing mattresses, poorer people are effected more because of using old mattresses.

And they say all you need to do to prevent cot death is to wrap your babies mattress in a polythene plastic sheet, of course one which itself cant give off these chemicals. And no babies have died on mattresses that were wrapped with the proper plastic. But cot death foundations wont list this as a preventative measure.

Anyone else heard of this?

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