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PostPosted: Sun 25 Apr, 2010  Reply with quote

I think one in Hebrew's list stands to be repeated (given it was a REALLY LONG LIST)

MS Paint Adventures. Particularly the Homestuck adventure. Andrew Hussie managed to include 63 detailed flash animations with music, many of them interactive, over the course of a year. It's updated about five times a day, and it's very well done.

Go there. Now.

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PostPosted: Sun 25 Apr, 2010  Reply with quote

I don't read many webcomics, but I do read a few. I never EVER read serious comics, and if I can't laugh at all, then I won't read it.

The five I do read are...

Cyanide and Happiness (Unexplainable)
Space Avalanche (hilarious, can be highly inappropriate)
Kawaii Not (random anime-chibi comics. Cute, but really bad puns)
Subnormality (Only go if you have time on your hands. LOTS of reading)
Awkward Zombie (good for those who know video games)

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The HB
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LD4all addict
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PostPosted: Sun 02 May, 2010  Reply with quote

I've gone back and added a short description to each comic in my list.

Also, here is mine! I do the story, and Tundra does the art!

Link to My DJ: ld4all.com
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