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PostPosted: Sat 26 Jun, 2010  Reply with quote

one thing i've allways wanted to do is meet up with my favorite band sublime. mostly just bradley xD but i was wondering if he would be the same in a dream as he was in real life...im sure he would be if you knew him or knew enough about him, but how does the mind create his personality?
does the mind just take an assumption based upon a mental image or something deeper than that.

anyway thanks in advance for your comments... peace yo biggrin

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PostPosted: Sun 27 Jun, 2010  Reply with quote

Your mind will create the best simulation it can based on everything it knows about the person it is recreating. You've seen them in various situations (concerts, interviews, blogs etc.) and you have a general impression of what they are like. Your mind takes this and expands upon it. In many cases it actually does a decent job of creating a DC copy out of what you percieve this person to be.

A good personal example is me and the Second Doctor from Doctor Who (guy in my avatar). I have actually run into him on several different occassions. He is exactly who I think he is, and moves, acts and talks almost exactly like he does on the show. He does do things that surprise me from time to time, but he never breaks character. My mind seems to do a better job of recreating him than I ever could in a normal daydream.

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