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Faith Healing of Mice

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Faith Healing of Mice
PostPosted: Wed 27 Oct, 2010  Reply with quote

Hello! twirl

Edge Science Magazine Issue 2 has an article (starts on page 5) that summarizes an experiment the author performed on "faith" healing. He's a PhD level researcher who injected mice with a poison that kills them 100% of the time within 27 days. rip Except the ones receiving "faith" healing didn't die... Experiment was repeated several times with the same results.

Anyway -- I can't vouch for the guy or his work -- just something I've read that seems to have merit. The 4 other issues are pretty good too (and free). I put "faith" in quotes because the technique given by the author is described as "belief-free".

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PostPosted: Wed 27 Oct, 2010  Reply with quote

It's so ironic how these experiments, despite being correctly scientific, just get refuted by the mainstream because they clash with one belief (and one agenda, or several) too many.

Good find btw, dunlar! Thanks for sharing. ^^

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PostPosted: Wed 03 Nov, 2010  Reply with quote

Cool find.
I started studying shamanism over this past summer and this just reminded me of it.

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