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Binaural Beats part IV

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Re: binaural beats
PostPosted: Fri 03 Dec, 2010  Reply with quote

ld411 wrote:
i heard that listening to binaural beats is a great way of inducing LD's. Does any1 have any links that will give me free binaural beats. plz help me out!

I make em if ya want some PM me. I even do Customs, they require a request and what song u want

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PostPosted: Thu 20 Jan, 2011  Reply with quote

I was really skeptic about binaural beats when I first read about them. Sound waves affecting conciousness, yeah, right...

Well, I listened to some free clips here for about 40 minutes before going to bed last night. My nonexistent dream recall jumped to 4 remembered dreams in a single night! mrgeen It could just as well be a coincidence, but I'll definitely try binaural beats again today.

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