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crossing the abyss of deep sleep

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crossing the abyss of deep sleep
PostPosted: Sun 20 Feb, 2011  Reply with quote

i have a lot of really storng demands in my soul to know how to go to sleep , stay asleep, not wake up at all, not come back , until morning, and immediately upon sleep go out of body to learn ,

there is a lot to do this : nutrition , being healthy , doing some yoga or tai chi so your energy is very pure , ( tai chi helps me IMMENSELY stay wakeful in the "In between state" ) .
chanting OM ( this takes me to the border of wake and sleep and it is written it will take you to the dream world and beyond by chanting it with focus each day ,

but what i really want to do is to find the secret
the secret to why do we "fall" asleep
into random abstract chaos ,
and then "wake" back up ,
without ever having entered a dream world, or a dream body

some would suggest its our electronics, and to turn the entire electrical currency off in your home when you go to bed
some would say you can't do that unless you are in nature, or in a cave with tons of chi ,

some would say its about F FOCUS
it is NOT impossible to go out of body when you first go to sleep, surely surely it is not ,

there is 1 way that people who really want lucidity enough to do it would get a result , but i am looking for the best way :

that way is though :
go to sleep in ONE position, DO NOT ROLL OVER, EVER, when you have that insatiable frenzied desire to roll over get up and do some stretching, or some yoga, or walk around your room until you no longer feel groggy like a zombie, and go back into wakeful brainwaves, then lay back down

every time you want to GET UP
this is the supreme WBTB because it will cause you to float out or your body after a few times of doing this.

the down side :
sleep is such a strong experience that it like a siren just lulls us, come on , come on , roll over, you know you want to, just roll over, just do it !

the downside of going out of body the second you enter your first REM period is that it lasts only a short while , sometimes anyway

this will not work for everyone if you use drugs herbs or medication to fall asleep and stay zonked out , then your entire night might go by without a chance to lucid dream, or not ,

if you are having troubles sleeping then this might make you tired
but you can try it on a weekend or a day off,

HERE is a huge secret also
if you are vigilant about this "roll over " DEMAND your body gives you
after rolling over you can experiment with take just 1 - 3 rounds of alternate nostril breathing, as this gives you strong alpha brainwaves,
or you can chant "oooooooohhhhhhhhhhmmmmmmmmmm"
right after you roll over ( you can do it quietly ) , this has also caused me to fly out of body ,
the breathing has not , but i think it will work miracles.

if we want to go to sleep with ease we can breathe through our left nose exclusively ( and i know someone here is against that, but i am not talking about doing this in the day time, the purpose is to induce SLEEP ) for 4 - 25 breaths , this is good for sitting a chair to meditate, such as affirming " i will lucid dream today "

that will relax you , it might not make you fall asleep , if not , you do it again , and again , and again,it wont' 100 % work if you are wired WIDE AWAKE but it will help to stimulate the other nervous system, the one with your right brain that is responsible for falling asleep.

i do not see any reason for sleep to be a "tiring" ( as in waking up in the morning and feeling totally fatigued, as i often do ) experience, nor an UNCONSCIOUS ONE, i see it as a great, possibly potentially one of the greatest experiences we can have every night, which lets us be free from this body and world, and also have a virtual reality world to explore.

IT IS ABSOLUTELY TRUE that the ROLL OVER SIGNAL TRICKS YOU INTO LOSING LUCIDITY , so SOMETHING has to be done, i find it NOT POSSIBLE to stay on one side for all night, or for even longer than 45 minutes.

if one does not know tai chi they might simply stand in a position such as with their arms extending out with the palms facing up , or look up "chi gung" qi gong, however they like to spell it , and do some of those exercises, which are easier to learn.

the tai chi , having any chi flow at all, really puts us into a good brainwave state of meditating in "that place "

in many ways the solution to all our searching is simply :
when you roll over , because your body is demanding you to ,
chant om ,
fly out of body .
it might take a few tries, but , the only bad thing about this is it requires effort, and sleep really wants you to just say " well forget about it " but if you roll over without doing something to have lucid dreams you are probably going to have non lucid dreams.

tis is what and how and why it works the way it does. science doesn't know how to map things beyond our understanding, but they do show the brain wave changes on the EEG when people begin chanting.

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PostPosted: Tue 22 Feb, 2011  Reply with quote

I will read the link you posted to try and get a better understanding.

I cannot do the "Ommmm" chanting simply because of where I live and such...It would have to be something very quiet. xD

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PostPosted: Tue 27 Sep, 2011  Reply with quote

This is a great post, I look forward to trying it and reading some of your others :D

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