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Biggest Fail in a LD

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Lucid Initiate
Lucid Initiate
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Biggest Fail in a LD
PostPosted: Fri 13 May, 2011  Reply with quote

Well i think we all have had fail moment one time or before so thought we could share them and discuss the failure for fun. I'll share a story about a time I failed trying to do something in a LD.

I was in a classroom with no windows and no doors with basicly my least favorite teacher and she was really boring and i eventually thought that I might be dreaming so i looked at my hands and noticed I had about 12 fingers and i thought cool I must be dreaming. I told the teacher to shut up and im leaving and I remembered that i wanted to see what would happen if i tried jumping through a wall so I said im leaving and the teacher said ok, see you later. so i jumped at the closest wall and I fell through and when I looked up i was in the same room but on the other side. The teacher just looked at me like she expected me just to just sit back down. I tried again but with a different wall and the same thing happened. I cursed and woke up.

Current LD goal(s): dream recalling
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Master Piemaker
Dream Deity
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PostPosted: Fri 13 May, 2011  Reply with quote

My biggest fail was defenitely my first (and secon-last sadblauw ) LD. I became lucid after I realised that the things that were going on around me were really too nutty to be real, I didn't even had to RC. but it was amazingly clear and vivid, almost more real than real life.
And me, silly me, started wondering about something I had been wondering about for some time: If you really wouldn't be able to feel your real body in bed while in the dream... Not surprisingly for thinking of your real body the dream faded and I woke up in about 5 seconds...
Total LD time for this very clear dream; ±10 seconds ohno

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The American Dragon
Dragonmind has successfully completed an LD4all Quest!
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PostPosted: Sat 14 May, 2011  Reply with quote

Heh, mine in a LD, other then the fact that I couldn't fly UP, was that I smacked right into a house's roof. Didn't hurt much but I hit a few other things also, like a wall, pole, tree, etc...

Current LD goal(s): Such control, I can bridge to Astral Projection!
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Without Limits
Astral Explorer
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PostPosted: Sat 14 May, 2011  Reply with quote

my biggest fail was i had become lucid in my classroom just randomly then i wanted to make someone appear using the "behind the door method" but i guess my logic center was still kinda shut down cuz instead of using a door to make a person appear i used a donut box...... lol and everytime i opened the box there would be like random crap like paperclips, change, staples... lol Although my friend was supporting me the whole time like cmon!! you can do it! and i woke up tounge2 frustrating ....

Current LD goal(s): shared dream, spend a week surviving in the wilderness, FLY!@!@
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cookie lover
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PostPosted: Sat 14 May, 2011  Reply with quote

*Download peeks kiekeboe

I killed myself once. Accidentally fell to my death trying to kill a creepy witchy woman.

*Download re-enters hiatus

Current LD goal(s): Erm... have one.
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cookie lover
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PostPosted: Sat 14 May, 2011  Reply with quote

I have two fails that I remember at the time and usually those fails woke me up. In one of the first LD I tried to move some kind of red card that was on the tree (telepathically) and I failed, then I try to summon a person - again fail.

Current LD goal(s): #Find/Meet Dream Guide#
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OneiroTron 24.7
cookie lover
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PostPosted: Sat 21 May, 2011  Reply with quote

I'd say it's a tie between summoning a fireball only to have it explode and engulf myself in fire, or teleporting to find myself merged into a restaurant wall.

Current LD goal(s): Extended LD of 4-Months Dream Time... when I'm crazy enough to try it LOL
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Astral Explorer
Lidybug has successfully completed an LD4all Quest!
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PostPosted: Sat 21 May, 2011  Reply with quote

There are two fails that come to mind... I was flying through a glass roof to show some people how it was done and I got stuck halfway through.
In another dream I was trying to go through a windsheild and all I could do was stretch it like silly pudy.

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Low Intermediate
vbflame has successfully completed an LD4all Quest!
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PostPosted: Sat 21 May, 2011  Reply with quote

"I'm dreaming!!!" *wakes up instantly* grrr

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Novice dreamer
Novice dreamer
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PostPosted: Mon 23 May, 2011  Reply with quote

I heard my mom calling me and instantly became lucid for the first time. I was like "I AM LUCID! AAAAAW YEEA!" and used the door tricks to go to subway (the sandwich thing) and then my mom called me again. I said to myself "***, now I gotta go and it is my first LD since I started trying 3 months ago..." *wakes up*

Current LD goal(s): Having a lucid dream. That's all.
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Natural LDer
Dream Deity
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PostPosted: Wed 25 May, 2011  Reply with quote

Being tired in the LD lol
I just tried to open my eyes, but I was soo tired, I fell asleep in the dream, I was mad and amused at the same time when I woke up.

Current LD goal(s): Enjoy :)
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Mystic Man
Novice dreamer
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PostPosted: Thu 26 May, 2011  Reply with quote

Thinking of real life, then i woke up. i hate when i do that tho -.-

Current LD goal(s): .
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Novice dreamer
Novice dreamer
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My first and only LD Scared me Sh*#less epic fail
PostPosted: Tue 31 May, 2011  Reply with quote

My one and only LD to date...

Woke up with my car in a ditch in Quarry Junction from Fallout New Vegas the video game ( I'm a huge fallout fan since early 90s). I wasn't lucid till I realized I was in my actual car in the dream and none of the gears or mechanics worked just like my prior training explained. Immediately I knew I was in a dream.

The instant I realized I was in a dream it scared me sh*#less with fear and excitement that it was actually happening. Like "wow it really is real" :D I was so scared my heart was pounding and hands were shaking so bad I snapped out of it. My hands and heart were same in RL in my bed when I woke. EPIC dream fail. Was only like a 30 second LD but still so vivid I will never forget it.


Current LD goal(s): To have my second LD that I don't get scared sh*#less out of :(
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Hidden Dragon
Astral Explorer
Ebilshrimp has successfully completed an LD4all Quest!
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PostPosted: Tue 31 May, 2011  Reply with quote

My biggest LD fail was also one of my greatest success stories aswell, i found my SG Sam, (those who know the playground will know about Sam,) Anyways I tried to merge with Sam and ended up with two heads and 1 leg, meanwhile i summoned a pineapple, which the proceeded to eat us, yes, eat us, not us eat it. Not cool. so i found my SG, success!. But failed a merge and got eaten whilst asking the mighty pineapple for answers, Fail.

Current LD goal(s): Reunite with my Companion Barrel.
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Novice dreamer
Novice dreamer
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PostPosted: Sat 04 Jun, 2011  Reply with quote

I was at this huge military compound, inside a dungeon and I realized I was dreaming. Well, the moment I got lucid, the ceiling fell on me. Great.

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