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Changing your eye color

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Novice dreamer
Novice dreamer
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PostPosted: Sat 25 Jun, 2011  Reply with quote

It seems I have brown eyes no matter what.

I never even thought about being able to change eye color. That would be interesting, yet impractical.

I wonder what my friends would say if I walked into school with Blue or pink eyes instead. I wonder if they would freak...

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Is this a dream?
Astral Explorer
altheman9993 has successfully completed an LD4all Quest!
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PostPosted: Sat 25 Jun, 2011  Reply with quote

I thought this only just happened to me. I've had multiple ocassions where this has happened.
I remember I was in a science class talking with a friend and suddenly my vision went all funny, and I could feel like my heartbeat in my head. He abruptly stopped talking and said that my eye colour changed to a different colour. Mine are normally green but they do sometimes change to brown or really light brown.

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Astral Explorer
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PostPosted: Sat 25 Jun, 2011  Reply with quote

My eyes are either green-grey or blue-grey, and have a lovely golden ring around the pupil. When I switched from glasses to contacts, I was told I have cool looking eyes. :3

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Without Limits
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PostPosted: Sat 25 Jun, 2011  Reply with quote

my mom said when i was younger my eyes were blue. Then not too long ago my eyes were green. And now theyre blue greeen sooo hahah

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New member
New member
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PostPosted: Sat 23 Jul, 2011  Reply with quote

WHen I was born, my eyes were a deep blue. As I grew up, they turned green with blue, amber and yellow spots within them. My friends tell me those spots are like stars ^^ And I have an amber circle around the pupil.
They change colour according to my mood: when I'm angry, they're grey or a deep green. When I'm sad, they are an emerauld green, like a cat's eyes. When I'm happy, they are blue, or green, it depends on the light. But no matter what colour they are, I still have those little spots in my eyes.
The might not seem striking when you just look at them, but people say I have nice eyes, and the ones who know me are amused, cause some of them are used to betting on what coulour my eys are going to be!

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MagykKatte has successfully completed an LD4all Quest!
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PostPosted: Thu 13 Oct, 2011  Reply with quote

Some people's eye color changes temporarily due to the light of the sun, mood, the color of clothing, and probably other reasons. My eyes are normally chocolatey brown, but they've changed to gold, hazel, and even red...

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New member
New member
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eye color
PostPosted: Thu 21 Jun, 2012  Reply with quote

eek2 one thing that i just noticed is that i can change my eye color by will. i have usually dark eyes but i can change them to a golden-hazel where it is hazel in the middle and golden on the outside. i think it is really cool.(i don't know if it has to do with reflective light or not)

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New member
New member
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PostPosted: Sat 19 Sep, 2015  Reply with quote

I have light grey-ish blue coloured eyes that will very rarely seem a calm, solid blue. I really want to change them (temporarily) to a purplish colour, or maybe green. Anyone know how I can do this without surgery, contacts, slapping myself in the face, ect.?

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Night Flying Expert
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PROMITHEUS has successfully completed an LD4all Quest!
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PostPosted: Sun 20 Sep, 2015  Reply with quote

At this natural phenomenon you cannot intervene much...

As Draginvry Posted on Sat 01 Mar, 2008:
"Eye color variation is common. The actual color variation is commonly called Hazel. The variations are caused by Rayleigh scattering, depending on the environment and lighting. An interesting fact, the US Military won't let you list Hazel as your eye color, you have to choose a single color."

From Wikipedia "eye color" I copy:
The appearance of blue and green, as well as hazel eyes, results from the Tyndall scattering of light in the stroma, a phenomenon similar to that which accounts for the blueness of the sky called Rayleigh scattering.
Neither blue nor green pigments are ever present in the human iris or ocular fluid. Eye color is thus an instance of structural color and varies depending on the lighting conditions, especially for lighter-colored eyes.

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New member
New member
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PostPosted: Mon 16 Nov, 2015  Reply with quote

G. atlanticus wrote:
My eye color has always fluctuated between blue, grey, and green Animation camping, usually somewhere in between, but sometimes there's even a little golden or brown in flecks. I often check what color my eyes are whenever I'm near a mirror, but I've never actually looked into it.

People always told me it depends on the light reflecting off my clothing, but that seems so... random.

it must be very beautiful your eyes . In addition , eyes that change color I would love to see that.

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Novice dreamer
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PostPosted: Fri 14 Apr, 2017  Reply with quote

Eh, my eye color is pretty stagnant. If I look at the sun for a while, they go mint green rather than gray/blue, but that might just be a change in circulation or something.
The only other thing close is actually my pupils. The most common thing said about my eyes is that "the blacks are black. No, REALLY black." I've got nothing for that.

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