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Frequent Dream Charaters
PostPosted: Mon 08 Aug, 2011  Reply with quote

I have this simple question, I don't know if it was discussed before but I'm having dreams where one of my friends is appearing, and that is very frequently... Almost every night I have at least one dream where she appears...

And I don't know how to "train" myself to realize that I'm in a dream, because I haven't seen here for more then 6 months... And I can't do a RC because I don't see her, right?! I can use suggestions but they don't work too much...

So, any advice?!

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PostPosted: Mon 08 Aug, 2011  Reply with quote

You might try 'pretending to be in a dream' and then do an RC when you see her, and maybe use that with a mantra that goes something like "next time I see [so-and-so] I will realize that I am dreaming." If you do reality checks during the day, you may also look around for her as one of your checks, and if by some chance you do meet her, ask yourself what she is doing there and if you could be dreaming.

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