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Extending sleep trance

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Extending sleep trance
PostPosted: Mon 09 Jan, 2012  Reply with quote

I can't say how many people this applies to, it applies to some.
When we doze we do not stay dozing. We move in and out of the void that dreams birth from. This in and out is evident in the analysis of NREM vs REM sleep.
The question then for all dreamers is how do I just lay down, and dream, awake ?
The answer involves health.
When a person does a yoga stretch, and so I will share the easiest, the length of time spent in that void is substantially longer, without coming out of it.
The yoga pose for lazy people as I am at times is to stand up, bend forward, and exert no effort at all to stretch, none. Breathe. Gravity will say "hey come on" and you will eventually find that your hands move a little closer to your toes. At these moments you can stretch on purpose a mild bit, but not uncomfortably so. Then stop stretching, your hands are closer to your toes, and breathe.
This will work for most people of able bodies, and most young people. The result is a loosened body, straighten spine, more vitality, fresher air, less toxicity, and therefore a quieter mind to enter into that state.

So what does one do to lucid dream as a masterful person of yoga? Well, they have to believe its worth it. One sits in a chair when they are sleepy, and they nod off. After a while this is intolerable and they want to lay down ( unless they're enlightened then they just become infinity for a long time ) - so instead of laying down, they do this aforementioned stretch. Then they can sit again in comfort, and the trance progresses in depth.

I am certain this leads to lucidity and flying out of body. Is it hard ? i find it to be, the desire to be lazy and sleep is overwhelming.

This leads to solution #2. Pick a sleeping position and stay in it. I prefer on the back. When you wake up to roll over DON'T. Just get up, stretch a while, then go back to sleep on your back!

Problem : the mind and body are usually lazy and want to make you be so sleepy you just want to give up and roll over. This results in NREM and REM separating with unconsciousness.

Alternatives for those who do not want to stretch. The practice of OM is scientifically shown to induce alpha, theta, and delta waves, depending on how much you practice. OM can be said once or a few times between phases of NON DREAMNG sleep, ( when you awaken to roll over ) . It has made me fly out of body. a long OOOOOhhhhhhhhm like that.

Third alternative, the practice of alternate nostril breathing induces a strong level of vitality, health, and balanced brain hemispheres and therefore alpha state. One can do it between 1 - 10 times when they awaken to roll over, as they don't have to sit up. This helps one sleep less and be more refreshed in the morning. One should not do this with insomnia. Instead, left nostril breathing.

Yoga is defined as maintaining consciousness in waking, sleeping, dreaming, and beyond states. that is the actual scientific description of OM given to people by those who discovered it.

Alternate notril breathing can be googled. left nostril breathing is simply shutting the right nostril with a finger and breathing through the left for a period of breaths. It induces the parasympathetic nervous system and all resting and sleeping faculties. it destroys insomnia over time. It is not good to do if you want to be awake in the day time. It is not relaxing in a refreshing way, it makes you literally sleepy . It makes NREM sleep longer. It is a practice in Tibetan dream yoga. It works. I test it on skeptical people and they like it just fine and it helps them sleep better.

This is rather simple

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Lucid Initiate
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PostPosted: Mon 09 Jan, 2012  Reply with quote


I just wanted to thank you so much for posting this. I had no idea of the Alternate Nostril Breathing benefits! It sounds awesome i am definetly going to try it out! This whole thing has me really exited hehe. Thanks alot!

Much love!


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