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Lucid dream as a spiritual experience.

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Lucid dream as a spiritual experience.
PostPosted: Wed 21 Mar, 2012  Reply with quote

Hi. I have tried to have LD for years , but only recently i had had my first lucid dream. After then i have had some lucid dreams but no one has refute my expectations. I thought that it would be as a spiritual experience where you can understand some things more clearly than every day life.. but after my failure i doubt if lucid dream can be as a life changing experience.

So my question is - if you have had some really meaningful lucid dream experience, where you get some important answer to problem or solution , when in waking life there isnt any in mind?

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Hi, i been having many spiritual experiences while in LD i can tell one of them . Ok, so it started in a Minecraft dream , I went into a room, and the room turned into reality(Not minecraft sight), The room was looking more like a stash for old things and such but i still had this mystical feeling inside this room , and so i see another door that is guarded by a statue of Mary (mother of Jesus), and when i try to go in to that door, the statue moves and points her finger on me and i get a big electric shock and die. And u know what always happens when u die in a LD, u wake up. And so i wake up, walked around in the house and felt a bit strange and like it was some kind of mystical thing ,,,,, yeah it was kinda spiritual experience....

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