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Share one of your fascinating dreams you had

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Share one of your fascinating dreams you had
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I was camping while this happened, so I jotted down the main bits on my phone. It took me at least thirty minutes, and my thumbs really hurt. This is probably the first dream I've ever had while camping, at least, one that I remember.

Also, if you know nothing about Pokemon, it might not make any sense.

To clear stuff up about the characters, Cheren and Bianca are characters from pokemon, Deanna is a girl I like, and Smalley is one of my teachers.

April 9th - April 10th

I am in a a city. I mean a huge city. The buildings are ginormous. In front of me is a giant Train/Battle Station called "ENTRALINK" that looks like a giant tv. It has little billboard-esque things that have options on it, rules, etc. I go in. It is filled with people. The walls are covered with pokemon in moving pictures, like from Harry Potter.

I go towards the counter, and a lady greets me. She starts talking to me, and my group of friends, Bianca and Cheren. She explains what the pictures of pokemon are doing there.

"I wipe their memories." she says with a devious smile.
We are shocked. Who would want to wipe the memories of pokemon?
"Look over to my left. You see the picture of the Eevee? Its one of my favorite pokemon. I am trying to catch it now."

We look over. We see a picture of a grey Eevee, hopping back and forth, showing off a tail that had all the colors of the rainbow. Suddenly the picture dissapeared, and a street camera took it's place. It showed the Eevee being chased through the streets outside. Two men in white suits with surgical masks are chasing it. They finally catch up after shooting it with a tranquilizer, and they pick it up. The screen goes blank, then switches back to the Eevee hopping back and forth, but the picture lost all of its color.

We look back at the woman. She smiles once more.
"That was easy," she looks back to us. "Get them."

Suddenly, we realize the room has become empty. We start to run for the exit, whenthe men from before, except there are now a bunch of them, block the dorrway. I send out my pokemon.

"Go, Pikachu!" (Real original, huh?) He uses Thunderbolt, and blasts a few of the gaurds. I run through the door. I bump into Deanna. She bends down, and picks up my ID.
"Here you go," she says with a smile. "You can't forget this."
I take it, say thanks, and start to run again.
"Wait, where are you going?"

I am already around the corner before i realize I am too far away to answer. I look around, taking a breath. Cheren and Bianca are gone. So is Pikachu. My eyes widen, and I try to get back to the ENTRALINK as fast as I can.

I get there, and a bunch of people are there. It looks like it had changed into a Train Station. Lines are everywhere. On the pictures, I see an old man say that I will have to go get the eighth gym badge to get Pikachu back. His face disapears, and instead of pokemon in the pictures, there are trainers. I see darkened pictures of Cheren and Bianca.

I curse to myself. I really need a ticket, I think to myself. But the lines are so long! I see my dad at the front of the line. I cut in front of him, and buy a ticket. I head to the train, when I see Smalley. She cuts me off.

"I can't let you do that," she says evily. I relize that they had done something to my teacher. She tries to punch me. I don't want to fight back.

I start to run. I start crying. I jump over benches, bump into people, and I almost knock Deanna down. I try to keep a straight face, but it's no use; she sees me crying, and she starts to frown.

"Ian, what's wr-"
I am away from her before she finishes her sentence. Somehow, I had looped around to the ENTRALINK I look around. No one is there.
Suddenlly, I feel a pin prick into my back. I slide to the ground. Everything starts to get dark. I hear Smalley say something before I fall asleep.
"OK, let's get this kid's mind wiped!"


I find myself watching, in third-person, a guy with blue hair stand outside a walled city, or a castle. He's talking to a gaurd. Even though he looks nothing like me, and his voice is not mine, I know that he is me. I know, somehow, that this is the city with the eigth gym

After a minute of discussion, the gaurd buzzes him in, and the door opens to...
A ten story drop! Yikes! No problem thoguh, I think. I jump off, turn around, and start to fall, grabbing window ledges, letting go, and grabbing on again to falls safely down. I start to hear myself talk, like it was a memory, and I was reviewing it.

"I have been in and out of this city numerous times. How many other people can say that? I am an X-Citizen, which means I am able to leave the city."
I reach the bottom, and am greeted by a red dragon.
People put robes on us.I continue talking.

"My pal here broke his right wing on one of our trips. Shortly after, I broke my right arm. Ever since, we have been in sync."
We are ushered to the door. This is where I catch up to the present, and everything happening now hasn't already happened.

(A bit confusing? I think so. I mean that what just happened was a memory, and then what happened as the door opens is the present. Hope that helps.)

The door opens into a crowd of sunshine and people. We wave, and I smile with a cocky grin. There are two seats on the opposite of us, on the stage. We walk towards them, and sit down. The cheering stops, and the speech begins.
Deanna appears from the crowd, a few years older. She hands me my ID, not looking at my eyes.
"Your ID, Sir."

I can tell she feels scared. Good just the way I like it. She was acting as my inferior, and she was. My head starts to hurt a little. I wave the pain away. (Literally. I waved my hand and the pain went away.)

The old man from before starts speaking. He is my elder; my teacher. The Gym Leader.

Suddenly, a camera is deposited on my lap. It brings back a memory. Not from this life, per say, but from a past one.

A vision clouds my eysight. I get a headache, and am blinded. I see the ENTRALINK and all the moving photos. I get an idea. I feel like there is more than what I have been told. I whisper to my buddy in a secret language taught to us during our training.

I tell him on the count of three, to jump the wall. He nods. I do so, and backflip over the wall in magnificent fashion. Sad to say, the ground was a couple hundred feet down. I had jumped off a cliff.

I didn't sweat. I was trained for this. with a few elegant sumersaults, I land quietly in the snow. I start to run at amazing speed towards the lumber mill. I turn around to see the men in white were following me, and my pal, the dragon, wasn't. I jump and duck over logs, with one goal in mind:

Find out my past.

Just one of my favorite dreams. Really aggrivating I woke up before I got to the really good part part, but meh. Oh well.

I've decided when I become lucid, this will be the first dream I go back to.

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Most fascinating dream is hard to pick but how about my most fascinating flying dream..

I've had dreams before where I've been able to fly, sometimes by jumping up into the air, some by imagining floating.. some I've managed to stay up via flapping my arms flying or even via some strange flying machine once or twice.

But to me the most fascinating flying dream I've ever had was that I was standing on a cliffside and below me I could tell there was a group of people having some sort of ritual.. even though I couldn't quite see them. They were clapping a heartbeat rhythm. I listened for a moment and then I decided to clap along. But the instant my hands touched in my first clap I unexpectedly shot upward off the ground like a rocket. It was exhilarating but a little scary.. I found if I held my arms downward against the strong upward flow of air it seemed to stabilize my flight. But if I lifted my arms above my head in a sort of upright diver's pose, I would shoot upward again like a rocket. After awhile I got control generally but I seemed high in the air.. and it was exhausting having to hold my arms down so hard to keep from taking off. I felt I could have flown the moon.. or onward.. and I've often wondered what might have happened if I'd tried that. I still have never had another flying dream quite like that one. universe

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Locked. There is already an existing topic.

Sticky: Your most interesting LD, part 2

edit Also the dreams posted at first glance seem to be normal dreams, this is a lucid adventures sub forum. So I moved it to stuff and unlocked it

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