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Fainting and dreaming

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Novice dreamer
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Fainting and dreaming
PostPosted: Sun 07 Oct, 2012  Reply with quote

Today at lunch time my sister started feeling sick, and as me and my mom were helping her walk to her bed she fainted - we got to hold her and she regained her consciousness in a minute or less. However she was very confused, she felt as she had a long night's sleep! She even says she had a long, detailed dream. I was there with her and I can tell you, it was only between 30-60 seconds that she was unconscious, maybe even less.

She's ok now, she just got low blood pressure - but I'm so fascinated by the fact that, even in such a short time, she had a long dream! I know from my own experience that timing in dreams is different, but never thought you could get a full dream in just a few seconds.

Has something like this ever happened to you? Have you dreamed while you were unconscious for reasons other than dreaming? I've never fainted or had anesthesia or anything like that, but I'd love to hear more stories smile

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PostPosted: Sun 07 Oct, 2012  Reply with quote

overspannen Whoa time distortion w/ RL and LD...Nice...

I've had this happen afew times, but only through power naps. The first entry in my online DJ here recorded the most recent happening of this.

eh It also makes me wonder about how the time feature works in the Lucid Challenge subject.

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PostPosted: Sun 07 Oct, 2012  Reply with quote

Glad to hear your sister is feeling better now!

That's very interesting. Usually in dreams we feel that more time has passed because our brains do the same sort of thing that movies and books do. We only see certain scenes and everything else happens "off screen" so to speak. In fact, some sleep researchers have found (using lucid dreams) that our experience of time in dreams and in waking life is roughly the same. I've heard of some exceptions to this involving different psychoactive substances, but I've never seen a really solid report about this type of thing. And I've certainly never had anything like a few weeks or months or years seem to pass within just one dream. Very interesting indeed!

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PostPosted: Mon 15 Oct, 2012  Reply with quote

I'd find it odd to believe that this is a phenomenon. When you truly look at it, how fast do our brains actually operate? There are means to speed up or slow down the way your brain registers what's going on. In a case where the brain lost some control that it should normally have, such as an internal clock sync with WL, I could easily see it processing a dream on it's own faster than what life would normally feed you..

This has happened to me on occasion, where I go to sleep around 10:00pm, and have an extensive dream, then wake. I think to myself, it must be almost morning, so i get out of bed and head to the restroom only to see that the clock is showing just past 12:00.

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