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You can't lucid dream without DREAMING

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You can't lucid dream without DREAMING
PostPosted: Sat 20 Oct, 2012  Reply with quote

ONe problem with me is sometimes i don't even dream! tips?

Current LD goal(s): get more vivid
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Astral Explorer
Astral Explorer
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PostPosted: Sat 20 Oct, 2012  Reply with quote

Even when you think you don't dream, you do smile
Everyone dreams every night, even if they don't remember smile

My advice would be to start a dream journal and record what you do remember-- every detail you can think of. In no time, your dream recall will begin to improve smile
Good recall is absolutely essential if you want to LD smile

Good luck smile

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Lucid Initiate
Lucid Initiate
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PostPosted: Sat 20 Oct, 2012  Reply with quote

Actually, you technically don't dream if you sleep less than is required for a REM cycle to occur, but you would eventually pass out from lack of sleep after about a day or two of doing that.

Although you would have to take nREM dreams into account too...

Actually, that raises the question of if it's possible to LD in an nREM dream.

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Re: You can't lucid dream without DREAMING
PostPosted: Sat 20 Oct, 2012  Reply with quote

Up wrote:
ONe problem with me is sometimes i don't even dream! tips?

Oh, you dream all right. It's just that unless we try to remember them we forget about 95% of all of our dreams. Usually, we promptly forget dreams unless we wake up immediately following REM sleep; even if we remember them, we have to make a strong effort to keep remembering the dream, or else, you'll get out of bed only to find the memories quickly fading.

That's why it's so important to keep a dream journal. The best way to counter this problem with remembering dreams is to be very attentive to developing your dream recall, keeping a dream journal, all of that stuff. If you do that you will gradually find you dream much more than you think you do.

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PostPosted: Sat 20 Oct, 2012  Reply with quote

If you sleep for at least a few hours every night (which I hope you do ) then you always dream, you just forget about them.
In fact, it's incredibly easy to forget your dreams when you get up in the morning, you can wake up in the middle of the night and be like "wow I remember this dream with incredible detail, no doubt I will still remember it when I wake up in the morning" - and then you will find that you have forgot about the dream anyway!
It's like having a video recording in your head and then having it played over by something else.
So you can see that it takes a great effort to be able to remember dreams if you aren't used to doing that.
Of course it will become easier to remember your dreams without necessarily having to write them down after some practice, but in the beginning you will usually need to write them down fairly quickly.

Also, this is a very exciting point when it comes to dream journaling, but that I feel is often overlooked:
simply recording your dreams can trigger lucidity!
This is because if you record your dreams then they will become a greater part of your life, and more and more of your memories of the past will be dream memories.
This makes dreams more central in your life and also makes it easier to notice them while you're dreaming.
You will also become familiar with how your dreams usually work and what usually tends to happen in them, and this will make it easier for you to start associating these events with being in a dream.
If you often dream about shopping at your local supermarket then you should always check if you are dreaming everytime you go there in real life, and actually feel curious whether or not you really are awake at that point.
If you do this enough times then you will suddenly start developing a reflex reaction like "HEY! The supermarket! Could I be dreaming right now?! eek2", and that is a very good thing.

It's also really interesting to review your recorded dreams and discover how much you actually can forget about them.
You will be surprised how many details you suddenly remember when you read about them later in the day, like "of course! that happened as well! I had forgotten about that!".

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