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Dream Recall from within a dream.

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Dream Recall from within a dream.
PostPosted: Wed 24 Oct, 2012  Reply with quote

Sometimes you have very long lucid dreams, where a lot of things have happened. When this happens to me, I worry that I won't be able to recall most of it. I usually stop whatever I was doing and I backtrack everything that has happened.

Does anyone else do this? And does it improve the dream recall? And is remembering your dream from within the dream harder than remembering previous events IWL?

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PostPosted: Sun 28 Oct, 2012  Reply with quote

It seems like a great idea! I have done this somewhat consciously and it does seem to help. Occasionally I will either have a false awakening or lose lucidity and start talking to DCs about the lucid dream I just had. (Even less frequently I sometimes realize I still haven't woken up and go back into being lucid.) Yesterday I was dreaming normally after having been lucid, and I started to tell a DC that the scenario was exactly like a dream I had before, but after I woke up I realized that the dream was actually the same one I was still having. Some kind of weird cognitive time-loop/deja vu phenomenon? I'm digressing, but to answer your question, it does help to repeat the dream out loud to another DC (or to yourself) much in the same way that it helps to tell it to someone after waking.[/left]

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PostPosted: Sun 04 Nov, 2012  Reply with quote

This is an interesting idea. I have sometimes had dreams after the lucid dream, where I wrote down, drew or recorded the LD. It is easier to remember all kinds of dreams if I lie still in bed and "tell" the dream to myself like a story. I'll try doing that inside the dream the next time.

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