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Inner Monologue during WILD Attempts

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Astral Explorer
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Inner Monologue during WILD Attempts
PostPosted: Sun 04 Nov, 2012  Reply with quote

A long time ago when I first began trying to work WILD I would constantly - every time - talk to myself inside of my head while waiting for something to happen. Very seldom had I ever succeeded this way. Inner monologues would keep me much more aware than I should have been. They didn't always stop me from getting it once in a while, but I have no memory of talking to myself before SP the times when I did hit WILD.

And then one night in a Hotel I decided to not talk to myself, and just try to maintain a focus. And it worked better than I expected that night. And now I think that just overall, talking to oneself during WILD is a mistake. Do it a little bit maybe to affirm your goals, but before you decide to go through with the attempt seriously I think it needs to be dropped.

I don't know what other people have experienced with their inner monologues. Maybe they help some people; I'm curious. What do you guys think about the inner monologue?

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PostPosted: Mon 05 Nov, 2012  Reply with quote

I've noticed something similar when I use MILD. It's almost as if using the technique wakes me up too much, and I can't get back to sleep. Or, if I do go back to sleep, it takes me so long that I forget about my intention to have a lucid dream.

I have had success with counting to myself however. I'll just count like this: "One...I'm dreaming...two...I'm dreaming..." etc. Sometimes, when I'm in the dream, I'm sill counting to myself and saying that I'm dreaming, and I become lucid. Or, sometimes I'm just counting, which is enough to make me question why I am counting. Then I remember my intention to have a lucid dream.

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PostPosted: Mon 05 Nov, 2012  Reply with quote

Inner monologue? When I'm trying to get a WILD, sometimes I hear something talking. It's always nonsense and I don't ever remember it. I'm guessing it's HH.

I don't usually talk to myself when WILDing. But when I do, I usually just go on a train of thought until I fall asleep.

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Novice dreamer
Novice dreamer
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PostPosted: Mon 05 Nov, 2012  Reply with quote

wow i'm rather very jealous of all of you.

it seems like I cannot perform WILD / MILD or any of the technique.. (except for DIELD)
because I cannot hit that balance between falling asleep and staying awake.. either one or the other.

but usually inner monologues actually take me to sleep. by having inner monologues i remember things I did during the day, which forms my "daydreams" and I fall asleep when it gets deep enough

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