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Weird dream.

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Novice dreamer
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Weird dream.
PostPosted: Sun 24 Feb, 2013  Reply with quote

Well, today after i tried my WBTB technique for the 3rd time
i went to my bed and i used MILD technique saying that i would
be conscious when i dream. Here comes the interesting part.
When my dream started,i saw that i had 8 fingers on one hand
and everyone respected me on my dream, but i wasn't conscious that i was on that dream, i felt like i was watching a movie, i couldn't do what i want.

In a nutshell: I dreamed that i was lucid but i wasn't.

What does this mean?

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PostPosted: Sun 24 Feb, 2013  Reply with quote

This is pretty common once you start off with trying to achieve lucid dreams. To dream of being lucid but actually having no control is called a false lucid dream, FLD. The fact that the 8 fingers didn't make you conscious of the dream might suggest that you are doing your RCs incorrectly. The right way of performing RCs is to be conscious when you are doing it, have an open mind, meaning realize that the situation, the people, and the overall scenery could very well be a dream. Many people do not have the correct mindset when performing these RC and end up having the RCs fail on them in dreams. Don't perform RCs because you have to. Perform them with the intentions of discovering if you are dreaming or not.

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