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Using alarm on cellphone

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Using alarm on cellphone
PostPosted: Wed 27 Mar, 2013  Reply with quote

To tell you when your dreaming. Give you a heads up.

I can make an mp3 saying something like your dreaming now
do what you want and assign it to my alarm tone.

Anyone ever try this???

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PostPosted: Wed 27 Mar, 2013  Reply with quote

It can work and I remember I read about something simillar somewhere, but in a dream probably won't hear it like you were awake, if you hear it at all. It might be distorted or something similar, but you could train yourself to do a RC every time you hear it.
Good luck ^^

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PostPosted: Wed 27 Mar, 2013  Reply with quote

I have tried it before and did get it to work. However, you are still going to need to work on your awareness a bit. Like noobdreamer said, it's very easy for your mind to fit it into the dream so you don't notice. You might try telling yourself "when I hear this alarm, I will know I am dreaming" as you fall asleep. You don't need to keep saying it until you're asleep, of course. Just long enough for the intention to get through to you.

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