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Thank You LD4all

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Lucid Initiate
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Thank You LD4all
PostPosted: Tue 09 Jul, 2013  Reply with quote

Hello everyone, It's been years (literally) since I visited this page, I'm surprised that I even remember my old account password and all. I used to be... actually no, I STILL AM a lucid dreamer and grateful that I am one! smile. All of the things that I have dreamed about, all the lucid dreams (even though they're not that many) all the nightmares and scary situations that I've been in while pursuing my quest to achieve lucidity, I cherish it all and it's ALL thanks to this forum. Ld4all.

Ld4all has pretty much opened my eyes to lucid dreaming and how amazing it can be (based on what I read about in other people's dream journals) and all that motivated me to get more and more lucid dreams. I remember obsessing about it, telling it to all my friends and VERY FREQUENTLY visiting this forum to see if anyone had replied to my posts asking for help on LDing (which they did grin and I am thankful to those people who replied and helped me on my jouney haha.

Whenever I told my friends about lucid dreaming they'd be intrigued by the idea but would just dismiss it and say it was lame and weird and I find this to be such a shame because there is so much that they're missing out on. I guess lucid dreaming is just one of those things where you have to experience it yourself to know what other LDers are talking about, to know how they feel and of course, how fun sleeping can be lol.

If I had sum my quest to lucidity up in a few words, I'd say "Just be patient, record your dreams and just chill, it'll come to you, you'll get what you came for".
And with that, again, I just want to say THANK YOU SO MUCH ld4all, you guys are one of the greatest and most helpful people I've met on the internet :D

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