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Conversations with Dream Characters

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Novice dreamer
Novice dreamer
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Conversations with Dream Characters
PostPosted: Wed 28 Aug, 2013  Reply with quote


So, I have seen similar threads to this, but they have been inactive for atleast over a year so I thought to ask some different questions.

In my lucid dreams, I normally don't intentionally interact with the dream characters simply by the nature of my goal, but lately that has changed. I was wondering who normally talks with their dream characters:

What did they say?
What is their name?
Did you ask them what they represent?
Are they spiritual in any sense?
Did you ask them if they are real?

Thank you for your feedback!

Current LD goal(s): Find Spirit Animal
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PostPosted: Tue 03 Sep, 2013  Reply with quote

I am not a fan of "spiritual" ideas of LDs, so I will ignore that part of your thread. I am more scientific with my thoughts towards it. tounge2

What did they say?
When I am lucid and I talk to DCs, they have 2 types of responses.
1) act like they were moments before when I was not lucid
2) act like they are LDers or real people within a "dream realm"

Both of these lead to interesting ways of my LDs developing, especially when I believe them.

What were their names?
I have never gotten a name from any of them. meh I need to be more polite to my DCs.

Did you ask them what they represent
Now I don't think that this is a spiritual thing like most people, but I think that dreams are a reflection of things that we think of in waking life. Normally a DC represents things to me that don't exist, but that do exist in my mind. The last interesting DC I met that represented someone, represented the similarities between two girls that I know. Both girls are completely different, but when I am talking to them they both treat me similar. So in the dream, they were combined into one. Before that, I had a dream that I was able to go to different dimensions (very long, non-lucid story) and then I met a girl version of me. She took me to "our dream dimension" where I realized that I was dreaming, but still believed everything that she/I said.

Did you ask them if they are real
All my DCs think that they are real, either that they are dreamers, or that they are real inside the dream realm, or that everything around them is real. None have yet realized that they are fake. sadblauw

Hope this is interesting to you. smile

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New member
New member
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PostPosted: Fri 15 Nov, 2013  Reply with quote

yeah so once I had a standard dream where I become lucid, in wich my mom realised she wasn't real. It felt so awul, she was kinda shocked and I started crying, i felt so guilty sadblauw. then, when I woke up I went and hugged my mom

another time i went to sleep REALLY wanting to ask my subconcious where the **** I left my 3ds, because i had lost it and I couldn't find it anywhere, and he told me that it was in a bag, I put my hand in the bag and I remember that it felt like it was full of lighters( eh ?).

ps: I was trying to ask my subconcious because House in an episode talks with an hallucination and it remembered everything house knew, I thought it was soo cool

ps's ps: english is not my native language

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