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Back on the quest!

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Back on the quest!
PostPosted: Mon 10 Feb, 2014  Reply with quote

Hey all, so I'm coming back to LDing.
It's kind of like starting as a beginner, except I am familiar with all the lingo here and routines.
Anyone that went through this comeback, do you have any tips & tricks for me to make this comeback much quicker and more effective?

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PostPosted: Sun 16 Feb, 2014  Reply with quote

Do what worked for you before. That's about all I can say without knowing what you normally do.

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PostPosted: Mon 17 Feb, 2014  Reply with quote

nod The pathways are already in the brain and you just need to rediscover them, if that makes sense. Simply being here and reading and talking about lucid dreaming can help a lot. I am curious, have you noticed any improvement since you made this post?

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