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Lucid Challenge 59 - Winner - Tggtt

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Koal44 has successfully completed an LD4all Quest!
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PostPosted: Thu 15 Jun, 2017  Reply with quote

Wow Thanks Tggtt, I also wanted the 60th LC to be different, I am happy that you have ideas for it! :D

I also think it s a great idea to try cohosting! Be sure to count me in for the 60th LC grin

Current LD goal(s): Do smth on stage in front of an audience
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Ebil Mew Idol
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PostPosted: Fri 16 Jun, 2017  Reply with quote

Congratulations on winning, Tggtt! I accept your invitation to cohost LC60 with you, as I'd love to take part in making a wonderful LC! grin

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Sunset Chaser
DTDownUnder has successfully completed an LD4all Quest!
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PostPosted: Sat 17 Jun, 2017  Reply with quote


Well, that was a very interesting LC, and thanks Koal44 for making it that way!!!

Personally I completely lost track of what was going on, and ended up just checking in a few times to update my lucid counts. This was mainly due to where I am now working. I'm an hour drive away from the nearest anything out here, and my internet connection relies on an ET style satellite rig I've built.

I'm getting a proper satellite connection set up, so I should be fully connected for LD60!

Well, I'm off to go dream some more, thanks again koal44.

Current LD goal(s): Help Letaali by reaching the frozen planet, by finding out it's name and place.
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