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#16:  Author: Anamcara PostPosted: Fri 15 Jul, 2005
scared Geez Sureal! That's gonna give me nightmares!

#17:  Author: Fadem PostPosted: Fri 15 Jul, 2005
Okay, that scary, they could actually make a horror movie out of that one @_@!

Hey, if u know some1 who's in movie branch, send it to him ^^!

#18:  Author: The Nameless One PostPosted: Fri 15 Jul, 2005
What a good read...

*The Nameless One sips his coffee

#19:  Author: Stormthunder PostPosted: Fri 15 Jul, 2005
Geez, Sureal, that reminds me of every scary movie I've ever seen!

Myself, I've never had a nightmare. The closest thing I've had was more of a hallucination when I was awake I think when I was really young (like 4 or 5). And all that was, was that I thought I saw snails on my pillow. Not so scary after Sureal's story!

#20:  Author: Wolf PostPosted: Fri 15 Jul, 2005
The whole time I was reading it I suspected you to write something at the end like, "Just kidding, that was just some movie I watched last night!" Haha.

Mine aren't really things that you guys would find scary. I was brought up on scary movies, so when I have nightmares they aren't consisted of Freddy or Jason. Mostly they have me getting in trouble with my parents. They still happen today, my mom is the scariest person alive when she's mad. I would rather fight with zombies than face her in a bad mood.

Now THAT, my friend, is scary! tounge2

#21:  Author: The Nameless One PostPosted: Sun 17 Jul, 2005
Ah, now I remember a nightmare I had months ago. I was at home, in my parents' bedroom, when from there I saw a shadow in the lounge. I immediately felt it was the devil. It was dark where I was and the shadow started to approach me. The deeper in the darkness it got, the more vivid it became. So I decided to go to the bathroom and to turn on the light. It couldn't get in there. Then I woke up.

#22: A diary to be used by all... The Nightmare Diary Author: dreamer_chick PostPosted: Tue 19 Jul, 2005
I had a sary nightmare about a month ago...

There was this madman standing by a group of people. I was in the group of people, and I said something frinedly to him. Then he suddenly took it as offensive, and opened fire. He was coming after me, and although I couldn't see him, I felt him behind me. He was firing bullets at me, and I dodged them by an inch. I found a neighbors house, broke the door, and hoped that he would not find me in there. But he did, and opened fire again. I was so frantic in my dream.

Later on, after the killing spree, I somehow wanted to go outside. I told my friend this, and she said that she didn't want to see all the dead people on the ground. eek2 tThen I saw her dog with a bloody bullet wound on it's chest, and it wasn't moving.......it was creepy!

#23:  Author: Iluminada PostPosted: Wed 03 Aug, 2005
Okay, I was just reading X's DJ and remembered a reoccurring nightmare I used to have when I lived in Puerto Rico.

I didn't start having it until my daughter was born and maybe not even two weeks later Hurricane Hugo was on it's way.

I would find myself drowning in the ocean which had made it's way very far inland. The storm was incredible, the sky grey, the winds fierce, the water was just overwhelming. I am drowning and I can hear my daughter crying for me to help her. She is screaming frantically and I can hear how her cries are deafened by the water as she sinks and comes back up. I keep trying to reach her but I too am drowning. I cry and cry and her screams are tearing my heart into shreds. I can't even help my own daughter.

I had that dream for about 3years until I left the island and moved back to the states.

#24:  Author: Rectifier PostPosted: Fri 05 Aug, 2005
Can't really remember many nightmares as mine are usually quite convoluted... but most have ended in my own painful death as bullets ripped through my chest etc... one particularly bad one I was sprayed with napalm... agonising pain that persisted for awhile even after I woke up (might have been a FA though)

Also the few appearances mirrors had in my dreams were in nightmares... usually containing things too horrible to look at, but almost impossible to look away from.

Haven't had a nightmare in years. Geez, shouldn't talk about them (knocks on wood)

#25:  Author: Magnus PostPosted: Sat 06 Aug, 2005
I had a nightmare today:

I was someone in the Harry Potter books. We were in a forest. We did something we weren't allowed to do, we saw someone from slytherin that did something suspicious, we wondered what he did and he wondered what we did, we was going to check each other from now on, he went first, it was very dark now I couldn't see the slytherin boy anymore, I felt that it was someone else in the wood I didn't care if someone found out what we was doing now instead I screamed "Help!" and then I woke up.

#26:  Author: Hallstrom PostPosted: Sat 06 Aug, 2005
Here's a nightmare I had a few months ago:

I was trying to help someone (I think it was a pregnant woman) to get out of a big building, like a mall or something, but I couldn't find the exit.
This person I was trying to help kept vomiting dead body parts. Rotting old arms, feet, heads and stuff in some grayish liquid were shooting out of her mouth in violent regurgitations.
Whenever I stopped to ask people for help, they would get hit by the stuff and start vomiting dead old body parts too.

When I have dreams about getting chased by monsters and attacked and killd and such, they're not nightmares.
I'm not scared in dreams like that.

Here's a nightmare I found really disturbing:

I was sitting next to my mother at a table, and I was going to beat her to death with a frying pan because she had killed my pet chicken by chewing it.

That was probably the worst dream I've ever had, I can't even describe how I was feeling.

It's not just what happens in the dreams that make them so horrible, but mostly the absurd atmosphere.

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#27: Two nightmares Author: internal_revolt PostPosted: Wed 31 Aug, 2005
I've had two really scary nightmares and a few not-so-scary ones.

One nightmare that I had about a week ago started with me in my bedroom. I was folding a swimming suit and the phone in my bedroom rings. I answer it. It's a lady who tells me that her husband is missing and she asks me if I could find him. I ask her a few questions and discover that he often comes home drunk. I tell her I'll do what I can and hang up. Now, the weird this is, I don't have a car or a lisence, yet I'm looking for someone. On foot.

I turn off the lights in my bedroom and go to my mom's bedroom. I look at the clock and see that it's 10:00 PM. My sister's in the bathroom getting ready for bed. My mom is sitting on her bed reading. I sit down on the edge of her bed and tell her that I need to talk to her. I start to tell her about the call, but I hear someone coming up the outside stairs to our apartment. I see a shadow of a person come to our door. I stand, ready to answer the door, when gunshots ring out. The person at the door screams and falls and I realize that it's the lady who had called me. I hide at the foot of my mom's bed and she's standing over me to protect me. I just now that the person who shot the lady was her husband.

Then I wake up. I can't remember my other nightmare right now; I'll add it when I think of it. Stupid brain.

#28:  Author: Hallstrom PostPosted: Wed 31 Aug, 2005
This is my sister's nightmare:

I have a recurring dream where I am at Plattan*,
which is full of all the important people in my life, they are just wandering there.
I have no control of my body, and I have a double-edged axe in my hands.

I walk around chopping the heads off of everyone I care about and love, I don't WANT to do it, but I'm being controlled like a puppet.

I cry and scream, without a sound, and no tears come out.

I want to close my eyes or look away, it's terrible watching those you love being decapitated, but I can't.

When I've worked my way through everybody but one it's either my little brother*, my boyfriend or myself standing alone opposite me, among all the beheaded corpses.

He/I screams, cries and begs for his/her life, but doesn't flee.

I want to scream "I'm sorry", tell me/him to run, I want to regain control of my body and drop the axe.

But I can't.

Everything is moving in slow motion, I approach, raise the axe and chop the head off him/me.

It hits the ground with a muffled thud.

Then I stand there for a while staring at the corpses, as I slowly regain control of my body, all is red now, because there's blood in my eyes.
I trudge* my way through the corpses, away from there, and then I kill myself. How I do it varies every time.

After that, nothing happens, there is only my dead body lying/hanging/floating/etc depending on what I've done, still red, and after a while I wake up.

I've been having this dream for as long as I can remember.

[Translator notes]

*Plattan - A big open space in central Stockholm

*Little brother - Me grin

*Trudge - I don't know if it's the right word, She used the words "pulsar/klafsar" and trudge was the closest I could find.
If you've seen the movie braindead, or if you went to Roskilde Festival 2004 you'll know what I mean wink5

#29:  Author: astralfog PostPosted: Wed 05 Oct, 2005
I've had a really weird nightmare once. It's kinda fun when I think about it now, but it really wasn't entertaining while I was dreaming it.

The dream begins in a toy-shop underground. I can see it's underground because the walls look like walls in tunnels do, if you understand how I mean. I'm a spectator, and I watch the children tugging their parents around, showing them what they want, screaming and crying when they don't get it. Although the shop is wonderful, no one is happy. Then, all of a sudden, a pack of small cockerspaniels appears, running through the store, barking like mad. The hysteria in the shop gets interrupted, and everyone stares at the dogs. I hear screaming from where the cockerspaniels were running, both kids and grow-ups, and they're panicked. People run past, holding their children. The people I see look confused and worried. I don't understand why everyone is so scared, but then I don't have to wonder anymore; several velociraptors (as in dinosaur) come running, chasing the people running. Logically they should all be dead, but I suppose these were very slow velociraptors wink
All of a sudden I'm not a spectator anymore, I'm in the dream with a bunch of DC's. I'm panicked and I just want to get out. We hide in a dining room, but we're soon followed by two velociraptors chasing a guy. One of them keeps runnig after the chased guy, but the other sees us and stops. Somehow we manage to hide behind the chairs, but then a cockerspaniel enters the room. I understand that the cockerspaniels are, sort of, partners in crime with the velociraptors; they bark when they find something eadible. So, the dog walks around the table, and spots a DC called Kevin. The dog barks, and that's the end of the dream.

I've had a similar one, also underground and with velociraptors, but without the creepy dogs. I honestly have no idea where I got them from... eh

#30:  Author: mystic PostPosted: Thu 06 Oct, 2005
Last night I had my ninth nightmare in seven days. I won't post them all in here, but most of them are about a creepy woman with one evil eye and a spastic arm pointing at me. I think they all share an awful lot of meaningful symbolism, and as far as I can deduce from them, I'll have some more soon colgate

The first one, which triggered it all, went like this:

In the local library I'm searching for clues (books I guess..) about LDing. At some point I come across a nonexisting file number. I search for the item in the archives and come up with a linen bag. In it I find three dolls (they all represent girls I think). Some girls try to get the dolls, but their mother keeps them in control.. When I'm going back to my hotel, I first deal some drugs again with a couple of Nigerians in an elevator. I get about 20 grams of pure cocain for 2 euros
A bit later I see a gang of illegal immigrants who're having an accident and who all get arrested afterwards. Later on, I get to see their mugshots, and one of them bears a striking resemblance with an old woman who seemingly lives right above me. Apparently there was something very strange about that woman: no one ever saw her, no one heard her, and her room was all dark and empty.. Suddenly it strikes me how much the old woman resembles one of those dolls I had previously found in the library. Upon realizing that I suddenly wake up in shock (heavy and quick breathing, heart pounding like a racehorse) but soon afterwards I fall asleep again.. and enter the same dream. Now I'm walking the local market with M. I'm telling him about my recent dream, when suddenly out of nowhere, the old woman appears around the corner. She's fully covered in white silken clothes with her face halfly covered in a white shawl. She seems to hover over the ground, and eventually turns around, coming straight to my direction. She stretches her right arm, curls her fingers in a spasmic manner with her forefinger directly pointed at me. I could see only one eye.. it was fixed on me with an such evil gaze! (it still gives me shivers when I think about it). No one but me seems to be able to see her.. Luckily however I become prelucid for an instant, and I say to myself "well since this has to be a dream, nothing can happen.. if I also stretch out my hand, her hand clearly must go straight through mine because she's simply a ghost". And so I do this... but it doesn't work.. her hand doesn't go through mine and she simply touches me. This kept me thinking like "wow.. so it isn't a dream!" Next, she starts fighting with me, using chairs and tables to throw at me.. Since no one else can see her, everyone merely sees how an invisible force lifts up those tables and chairs and throws them in the air (I get this impression when I noticed other people's faces during the fight).. I try to calm her down, but to no avail.. Eventually she gets tired and continues on her daily work, which is being a waitress in a fastfood restaurant. Apparently she has various complexes about her size, weight and social skills.. she also has no contact at all with other people, except with a beautiful hawk. Another guy (a well known local politician.. strange) keeps the hawk on his hand and he tells the woman to keep the hawk and cherish her. He says "don't you miss the feeling of gliding your fingers through the hawk's soft feathers?" After these words, she trembles.... and starts to cry. She takes back the hawk, and I wake up..

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