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#16:  Author: Basilus West PostPosted: Tue 29 Nov, 2005
When you have a new technique, I think it would be far better to post a new topic in the "Quest for lucidity" forum, and put a link toward it here. So that we can easily discuss about this technique in the corresponding topic.

By the way, here was the goal of this thread (excerpt of the first post):
I think it would be a good idea for everyone who made a new technique or a variation on WILD/MILD to post the name of their topic in here so everyone knows where to find them.

I'll do some cleaning in this thread when I'll have a little more time.

#17:  Author: StEvE21 PostPosted: Tue 29 Nov, 2005
Thats exactly what I meant. If everyone keeps talking about the new techniques in here, they will just get lost in all of the replies.

#18:  Author: Animahngo PostPosted: Wed 30 Nov, 2005
Err, sorry. Okay, I'll make a topic; 'Chilla's new techniques/variations'. I'll do it when I get home from school...

#19:  Author: Basilus West PostPosted: Fri 02 Dec, 2005
Links towards new techniques threads:
CDILD and other Chilla's techniques and variations

#20:  Author: Netopalis PostPosted: Fri 06 Jan, 2006
New Method - OILD:

#21:  Author: dunlar PostPosted: Mon 13 Feb, 2006
Well, it's not new anymore, but here's mine...

Chaining (also known as wake-up-and-don't-move)

#22:  Author: Julian Iron PostPosted: Mon 13 Feb, 2006
I think this technique is also known as the "dream re-entry technique"... ^^

Works amazingly well when you wake up from an LD, I had a lot of serial LDs thanks to this technique. grin

Although if you abuse it, you sort of lose the memories of your first LDs.

I really believe this technique should be explain clearly and then be sticky...

#23:  Author: Basilus West PostPosted: Mon 13 Feb, 2006
Thank you dunlar for pointing this technique out. I didn't know you invented it. I was calling it the dream reentry technique, but I wonder now if it is exactly the same.

Anyway, here is the link towards the DRT:

The Dream Reentry technique

#24:  Author: Basilus West PostPosted: Tue 21 Feb, 2006
Need to be mentioned. A very strange technique: the BUBILD technique. Means for the Butt Ugly Beard Induction of Lucid Dreams! lachtraan

#25:  Author: Tggtt PostPosted: Wed 22 Mar, 2006
Basilus West wrote:
Need to be mentioned. A very strange technique: the BUBILD technique. Means for the Butt Ugly Beard Induction of Lucid Dreams! lachtraan

I made some techniques really stupid BUT NOT like that one!! (I didn't think they are worth a topic).

Most Stupid Tggtt Techniques

#26:  Author: Wyvern PostPosted: Sun 26 Mar, 2006

Yayness. I get to post here. I'll call this technique.


Self-hypnotism induced lucid dream

#27:  Author: Ysim PostPosted: Sun 14 May, 2006
(Ysim's Induction for Lucid Dreams)

It's really just a variation of WILD, but it's easier and more effective for me then any other WILD technique I've read. Good luck everyone! ^^

#28:  Author: Undefined PostPosted: Wed 07 Jun, 2006
My RILD technique: RILD

#29:  Author: grasswar PostPosted: Sun 02 Jul, 2006
<mod>Post edited. The same message was posted in two different locations. I just kept the summary here and added the link towards it.</mod>

This technique is used to prolong lucid dreams and is especially helpful to the people who can't seem to stay in a dream but a few secs or minutes. I call it the breathing technique.

Prolonging tech: the breathing technique

#30:  Author: Basilus West PostPosted: Wed 02 Aug, 2006
I add a link towards this new technique here so that it won't be lost amongst other threads:
Combining HI and visualisation to WILD

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