distrurbing noises!!
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#1: distrurbing noises!! Author: dreamer_chick PostPosted: Wed 09 Nov, 2005
Okay, two of the dreams I've remembered this week have been very odd. In one of them, there was a high pitch screeching noise. I woke up to find that this was my alarm clock. in the dream i was trying to get rid of the sound but I couldn't no matter what I did. In the dream, it was a clarinet recording or something....
Then last night, I had a dream with the same noise. My brother and I were trying to stop then noise, but we couldn't figure out what it was. It was screeching and very annoying. It lasted for such a long time too, the clock changed in the dream. i almost realized that it was a dream, but the sound was so shreiking that I wouldn't have cared.
This kinda disturbs me...why this mysterious sreeching noise keeps bothering me. Any ideas? Does it symoblize something IRl do you think?

#2:  Author: moogle PostPosted: Wed 09 Nov, 2005
Was the noise in last night's dream also due to the waking life alarm clock? If it was it is just your subconscious incorporating external noises into your dream in an attempt to keep dreaming.

#3:  Author: Lobz PostPosted: Tue 20 Dec, 2005
Y' know, when I used an alarm clock it was very common that it entered my dreams. Usually it was made by something like a sirene, a machine ect., but once it was turned by my unconcious into a dance music, and I danced a lot until someone woke me up -- of course I was late for school! We must take care with our dreams...

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