Your Daily Senses (quick creative writing exercise)
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#1: Your Daily Senses (quick creative writing exercise) Author: whispa PostPosted: Tue 27 Jun, 2006
They did something like this on a messageboard i used a long time ago.

Think of everything you felt, tasted, heard etc. during the day and write a sentance or more for each of the five senses. It can be about something positive or negative, big or small, anything that stood out in your mind.


If you can only think of a couple or even just one, that's ok

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#2:  Author: Mohegan PostPosted: Tue 27 Jun, 2006
How are these.

Touch: I could feel the heat on my fingers, reaching out like a pulsating handshake as I remove the pizza tray from the oven.

Hearing: I could hear her, playing in the garden. The sounds of a child playing brought back memories of my own childhood and the innocence that came with it.

Sight: The shades of blue and purple, so beautiful and calming as the first light of the morning began to seep slowly into sky.

Smell: -- I really can't think of anythign here sadblauw

Taste: I could feel them on my tongue, small pieces of cheese. A taste I'd missed for so long, creamy and with a mild sweetness to it.

#3:  Author: Bruno PostPosted: Tue 27 Jun, 2006
Touch: cold water drops running down my spine like a shiver.
Hearing: the warm sunlight and the washing tears of music. The thunder.
Sight: no blue sky out there, just black clouds falling all over the place and giant light ruptures, as if the sky was broken and instead of void, there was light.
Smell: the seducing sweet smell of flowers in the garden.
Taste: the crimson taste cherry covering my whole body with with a silken calmness.

#4:  Author: Sonia PostPosted: Tue 27 Jun, 2006

The feeling of soft covers leaving my body as I wake up and roll out of bed.

The cool metal against my skin as my metallic bracelets caress my wrist.


The rhythmic clicking and clacking of keys on my computer's keyboard.

A toilet flushing from upstairs.

Rain, as it pitter-patters on my rooftop.


Colorful summer time flowers beaded with many drops of water in front of my windowsill.

The familiar LD4all logo as I log on to the site once again.

The many avatars of members of the forum.


Bacon being fried in the kitchen.


The same bacon as mentioned above. ^^

#5:  Author: Wyvern PostPosted: Wed 28 Jun, 2006

I had pain in my legs for no apparent reason again. Also, my cat got scared again leaving yet a third big scar on my right arm.


While playing a videogame, my brother played some really epic music which made my game seem so much better than it really was. lol


The sight of a cloudy day made me very tired but then it got sunny again!


It was very humid today so the house and basement smelled pretty bad with all the sweating.


My mom made this really great wrap like thing which was really spicy. It had onions, peppers, mushrooms, and steak in it with some steak seasoning. Very good indeed.

#6:  Author: whispa PostPosted: Sat 01 Jul, 2006
From Friday 30th June

Touch: The morning sun's heat on my arm, neck and face, resting like a heavy cloak against my skin.
Hearing: Lonely sound of the bathroom sink tap dripping tediously.
Sight: On my way to work I saw a chocolate brown puppy, lively and happy, (I like Staffordshire Bull Terriers, I think that's what it was) walking fast with it's chubby little legs. aww
Smell: New and fresh smell of just printed photos
Taste: Cold water when i was really thirsty.

#7:  Author: Davide PostPosted: Mon 03 Jul, 2006
My thighs feels sore from a workout yesterday, and I feel the heat of the blazing sun enter my room on this horribly hot summer day. Some cold wind gives me a bit of relief.

Nothing really worth nothing - perhaps I should use this sense more. I guess forgetting to wear glasses isn't good.

Loud fireworks, and lots of (not-so-pleasant)singing from a fair nearby.

The strong, sweet pleasant odor of raspberry syru.

Hot tea with no sugar, bitter but sweet in a weird way. Oh, and raspberry syrup again!.

#8:  Author: whispa PostPosted: Mon 17 Jul, 2006

Touch: ice lolly melting fast, trickling down my fingers, cold and sticky
Hearing: slightly irritating, tiny little click the modem makes when it disconnects
Sight: clean, bright blue sky, completely still and cloudless - perfect
Smell: a mixture of sun and suntan lotion near the top of my arms
Taste: can't think of anything for this one

#9:  Author: moogle PostPosted: Mon 17 Jul, 2006
touch - the smooth amethyst stone on a new keyring I bought
hearing - the sound of the knocker on the front door
sight - seeing the veins in my eyes during an eye sight test when the optician shone the light in my eyes for a long period
smell - someone else's bag of chips from a chip shop!
taste - a refreshing drink of blackcurrant and apple juice when I got home tonight

#10:  Author: Sonia PostPosted: Mon 17 Jul, 2006
-Sunday, July 16th-


The refreshing feeling of swimming in a clear lake. Meanwhile, very cold springwater seeps from it's depths; as a result, my feet feel freezing cold, while the rest of my body is warm.


Polish music from tapes and CDs during a car trip; it never fails to make me feel nostalgic.


Sunlight sparkling off of the surface of a beautiful lake. Afterwards, a leech that has attached itself to my armpit, and later my leg.


Bug spray. rolleyes


Altoids, Rollos, Iced tea, and a subway sandwich. wink5

#11:  Author: whispa PostPosted: Tue 21 Aug, 2007
Well, It's a year later and i've started doing these again. I've only been able to think of one or two each day so i'll just post the few lines i've come up with over the last week.

Sight: Many blue shades burst through scattered clouds

Sound: Tyres spinning wearily through rain puddles

Touch: I'm wrapped in a blanket of sun rays

Sight: A white cloud that looks like the splash of a giant tidal wave frozen in time

Sound: Shrill screech of worn brakes

#12:  Author: Vagabondage PostPosted: Tue 21 Aug, 2007
Pardon me, but I don't feel like taking an artistic approach on my first post in this thread. Here we go. wink

Hearing: I hear too much on a daily basis. What? You had sex with a stranger? DID NOT NEED TO HEAR THAT.
Sight: My eyes are being blinded by the flourescent lights of my computer screen! AUUUGHHHH!
Smell: I smell nothing, to be honest. My home, unlike every one else's has no scent... Unless a cat has taken a crap recently.
Taste: I taste a sweet, bubbly pain sliding down my throat. I like to call it... Dr Pepper.

#13:  Author: rad PostPosted: Tue 21 Aug, 2007
Touch: Accidentally made a small cut on my neck, didn't really hurt(just a pricking feeling), nothing serious, it bled considerably though.

Hearing: Woken up by a bird outside my window at 10 am, happens often(like natures alarm clock), I rolled over and slept a bit more(I'm not a morning person).

Sight: Waiting in line to pay at the gas station, hmm..they have a good selection of coffee here, $1.29 for the small here(basically the same size as the grande @ starbucks, helluva lot cheaper, obviously), I've seen alot of people drinking this stuff. Maybe I'll give it a try some morning..

Smell: Blood from my neck, haven't smelled my own blood in a while, has a distinct metallic aroma..

Taste: Hot green tea, needs some sugar..there...perfect.

#14:  Author: moogle PostPosted: Tue 21 Aug, 2007
Touch: Reaching across and feeling Dotty's soft fur as I stroke her to say hello in the morning.

Hearing: I heard children talking and bouncing a ball outside

Sight: One of the upward sloping paths on the way home .. I always think hmm as I approach them and think once I get to the top grin

Smell: The awful smell of hot chocolate muffins ..... funnily enough this and fresh warm doughnuts make me feel whereas I love the smell of liver and onions frying (I'm a vegetarian!) and the sweet smell of burning potatoes help!

Taste: the first cup of coffee of the day ... a day isn't the same without one ^^

#15: Re: Your Daily Senses (quick creative writing exercise) Author: The Nameless One PostPosted: Tue 21 Aug, 2007
Touch: My own hands. I can't remember anything about this. I'm not Salad Fingers or something.
Hearing: Bass. In a song. Quite great.
Sight: Grassy fields from atop. Piercing sunlight.
Smell: Air conditioning. Really, it's almost...orgasmic! crazy2
Taste: Chocolate. A snack at the university.

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