What huge dreamsign have you missed lately? - Part II
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#76:  Author: Ysim PostPosted: Sat 05 Aug, 2006
3 days of school. (seperate dreams, but I remembered the previous "day" while in the next)
Each day I was in a class called Eureka (like the new SciFi show) and I had to teleport to get there. I also wondered how I made it to school on time while sleeping in til 10...each day.

Then a party for a small group of LD4all. It was in a special room on the forum. I normaly do a RC everytime I see/hear anything about dreaming, and one every few minutes while on LD4all. **RC** Nope...this is real...lachgroen

#77:  Author: 0Haku0 PostPosted: Sun 13 Aug, 2006
Well I had this magical black oven (with a window in the front of it like real ones) and everytime I peeked into the oven, there was always a different type of food in there, and everytime I pulled something out of it (with no oven mitts, Hah!) something else would spawn in its place.

Lets see.. a big purple and yellow robot dinosaur, spitting pink poison into 2 cops' eyes, a police car driving out of an elevator, and ..... kissing one of my male friends.... gil

#78:  Author: Robin PostPosted: Sun 13 Aug, 2006
School... it's vacation and the school was my house and it snowed.

#79:  Author: oddish PostPosted: Sun 13 Aug, 2006
...Yesterday I KNOW I interacted with my dream a little bit.. Then I went back to a ND. Oh well. Close.

Lets see...Tiger, leopard, and a roo in a spiderman suit. =P

#80:  Author: ujytre PostPosted: Sun 13 Aug, 2006
I had a dream where there was a little pink cat, and it was in a clock, those school looking clocks with the layer of glass, he was in there, i didnt realise that i was dreaming. If looking at your watch is suppose to help you, looking at a cat clock should as well, am i crazy?

#81:  Author: huggkruka PostPosted: Tue 15 Aug, 2006
90% of my dreams involve a mass of water. Be it a river, a lake, or the ocean, it's there. Still, it's such an ordinary thing I have no idea how I should start questioning it. A thing that appears less often is me driving a car, which I don't do in real life. Yesterday I had a dream about driving a car on a lake, how's that...

Hi all, BTW.

#82:  Author: asclepius PostPosted: Tue 15 Aug, 2006
Hi huggkruka, welcome to LD4ALL smile

One of my DS is fishing. The other night I had a dream where I saw a 30 foot long fish swimming in a river. I walked into the river and grabbed it by the tail! No lucidity. I also realized fish was too big for me and I let it go sadblauw

#83:  Author: Indianinks PostPosted: Tue 15 Aug, 2006
Well I've realized weddings and seeing a certain person (who I see very rarely in RL) are my dreamsigns. I seem to keep missing them, even though I keep telling myself to recognize them.

The other night I dreamt I was playing life with some friends. I pulled my salary card and it said $120,000. I remember thinking "huh I didnt know there was a $120,000 card" (which there isnt). Then some one said "its not $120,000!" I looked again and the card said $102,111. And I thought "Oh I must have read it wrong."

Can you believe that? I missed an RC that was right in front of me!! It was like I did an RC without realizing it was an RC. I was pretty mad when I woke up to say the least.

#84:  Author: micro500 PostPosted: Tue 15 Aug, 2006
Not many big ones, but a few small ones
-My house was connected to my school
-I ran out of school naked, then swam home and almost drown
-I had to go to the bathroom, so i took off my pants as i ran to the bathroom only to find the bathroom locked
-I peed on a "bathroom" wall, in a stall with no toilet while people were cleaning the bathroom...

Theres plenty more...

#85: cats! Author: asclepius PostPosted: Sun 20 Aug, 2006
I have a recurring DS of cats and dogs, but never remember it during dreams.

There was a black cat with a white 'yin yang' symbol on its forehead. It worked for an evil government. It fastened itself to my arm and then spoke to me

Later there was another cat dream. This was a 'live' cat but it appeared to be made of transparent green glass. I 'thought' wow even its blood is tranparent. help!

#86:  Author: gabbe PostPosted: Tue 03 Oct, 2006
Okay. I had this dream where I was running on the street destroying cars and killing people, heheh, yeah
Well anyway, I saw a police chopper, and a couple of police patrols comming for me, and I started to realize what I was doing, and how crazy the hole situation was, and then said to myself
- but this i probably just a dream so it doesnt really matter what happens...
Im so stupid... overspannen

#87:  Author: Tcc PostPosted: Wed 04 Oct, 2006
I had a dream where this little dog started killing everyone in the amusement park. The strange part was it felt like it happened to me before. I just dismissed it and thought runnig away was more important.

#88:  Author: EvanVolm PostPosted: Wed 04 Oct, 2006
I was outside someones house and he told me to look through his telescope. I did so, and the moon appeared in my sights. Only each crater was a different color. Red, blue, green, you name it. It was actually pretty cool to look at. But Im not sure how I didn't realize it was a dream. Though, I've never been able to lucid dream....yet...

#89: Lion in school Author: asclepius PostPosted: Sun 08 Oct, 2006
Another cat dream.

In a school there is a white cat and a lion. eek2 The lion wants to play with cat. I wonder if its safe for a lion to be free in a school? whatsthat

I decide its a tame and friendly lion!

#90:  Author: krakatoa PostPosted: Tue 10 Oct, 2006
Last night I dreamed that someone else realised he was dreaming. I said. He's dreaming and I figured since I was in the dream I must be a dream character.

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