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#1: the BIG Quest Topic (links to all the LD4all Quests) Author: Qu PostPosted: Sat 02 Dec, 2006
Current LD4all Quest

LD4All Quest 132: 2020 Vision

Previous Quests

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Here you will find all the previous LD4all Quests. Every Quest remains open, so you can still post in there once you have done this Quest in a LD ^^

Featured LD4all Quests

  1. Through the Mirror oct 18th - nov 14th
  2. Transform into an Animal nov 15th - dec 12th
  3. Meet Your Spirit Guide dec 13 th - january 9th (2006)

  4. Finding Lost Memories jan 10th - feb 6th
    (*) Unlocking all Quests feb 7th - march 5th Hosted by moogle - didn't count as a new Quest
  5. Dreaming Our Way to 2012 mar 6th - april 3rd
  6. Unfold Your Wings and Fly april 4th - may 1st
  7. Join the Party may 2nd - may 29th
  8. Improve a Skill may 30th - jun 6th
    (*)Unlocking all Quests jun 7th - jul 25th Didn't count as a new Quest
  9. Connect to your Kin jul 26th - aug 22th
  10. Find Your Dream Pet aug 23th - sep 19th
  11. Focus on Yourself sep 20th - oct 17th
  12. Tickle Your Tastebuds oct 18th - nov 14th
  13. Explore a Past Life nov 15th - dec 12th
  14. The Spirit of Givingdec 13th - jan 9th 2007

  15. Let it grow jan 10th - feb 6th
  16. Find your Symbol feb 7th - april 3 extended due to servercrash, dataloss and servermove
  17. Look at the sky apr 4th - may 1st
  18. Use your senses may 2nd - may29th
  19. Enter a videogame may 30th - jun 26th
  20. Explore your subconsciousjun 27th - jul 24th
  21. The Mirror of Erised jul 26th until - aug 22nd

    From this date on, wings can be earned by completing the Quest

  22. Transformation Quest revisited aug 23rd -sep19th First Quest to award wings!
  23. Resize yourself 20 sep 20th - oct 17th
  24. Make music oct 18th - nov 14th
  25. Travel through time, and meet your future or past self nov 15th - dec 12th
  26. The Spirit of Giving II dec 13th - jan 9 2008

  27. Re-enter a dream jan 10th - feb 6th
  28. Go to Lucid school feb 7th - march 5th
  29. Mother of Invention mar 6th -apr 3th hosted by Magnus
  30. Read the book of your Life (or see the movie) apr 4th -may 1st
    from now on the Quest runs every month instead of every 28 days (moon)
  31. Join the anniversary party may
  32. Face your Fears june
  33. Travel to the center of Earth july
  34. Make a wish come true august
  35. Relax september
  36. Listen! october
  37. Swim with the Dolphins november
  38. The Spirit of Giving III december

  39. Take your Pick january
  40. Stop Time february
  41. Travel to another dimension! march
  42. the Answer to Life, the Universe, and Everything april
  43. Join the 13th Anniversary Party may
  44. Connect to a Source of Power june
  45. Meet the Ancestors july Hosted by siiw & moogle
  46. Be creative! august
  47. Follow the White Rabbit! september
  48. Meet an alien! october
  49. Swim the ocean & fly the sky! november Made by Amaryllis
  50. The Spirit of Giving IV december

  51. Open the Gate january
  52. be your own guardian Angel february
  53. have fun in an amusement park march
  54. Travel to your Dream Destination april
  55. Join LD4all's 14th anniversary party! may
  56. Double combo, take your pick! june + july
  57. INCEPTION! august
  58. Extreme Sports! september
  59. Meet an antropomorphic figure! october
  60. Step into your shadow! november
  61. The Spirit of Giving V december

  62. Be your own Guru january
  63. Step into a painting! february
  64. Put your hands IN your head! march
  65. Talk to your pet! april created by moogle
  66. New Beginnings! may created by Rhewin
  67. Meet Yourself! june created by Siiw & FiXato
  68. Twist the Elements! july created by Rhewin
  69. Travel to a Sun! august created by Ysim
  70. Test a DC! september created by Rhewin
  71. The Sound of LD4all! october created by Ansie and pasQuale
  72. Paint the Trees! november created by Rhewin
  73. The Spirit of Giving part 6 december created by pasQuale

  74. Meet a Fictional Character february created by Siiw
  75. Find your True Form march created by Siiw
  76. Dream Biology april created by Ansie
  77. Join the 16th Anniversary Party may created by pasQuale, adapted by mattias
  78. Be a Superhero (or villain) june/july created by Rhewin
  79. LD4all Quest 79: August: Be an Olympian! August created by Ysim
  80. LD4all Quest 80: November: Create a Constellation! November created by Rhewin
  81. LD4all Quest 81 [December]: The Spirit of Giving VII December created by Rhewin

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