VERY new to this xD
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#1: VERY new to this xD Author: FireKirby PostPosted: Mon 15 Jan, 2007
I've done some reading and such..

Join this forum because something that happened two nights ago caught my attention. I found myself paralyzed , not exactly where I fell asleep. When I tried to move I couldn't except I heard a buzzing noise when I tried. So I just kind of stared off in to space until this dark scribbly thing started to appear.. so I 'closed' my eyes so I wouldn't see what it would form to.

As for LD experience.. next to nothing xD As for FLD, I've got moderate control in those dreams.

So I guess this starts off my 'quest' to LD.. Still have a few more places to check out in this site, and with that I'm out.

EDIT: Hmm, not quite sure where this topic belongs at..

#2:  Author: Dream Dragon PostPosted: Mon 15 Jan, 2007
You should post in the big welcome topic.

btw welcome to the forums! @_@ goodluck with LDs!

LD4all » Quest for Lucidity

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