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#46:  Author: Alec427 PostPosted: Sat 27 Apr, 2013
I'd love to try these, but something about hypnotic tracks really unsettles me.

#47:  Author: Kellie PostPosted: Wed 08 May, 2013
my friend and i both would really like to try these. is it possible for you to upload them to mediafire or 4shared?

do you happen to have the curse removal mp3 as well? i looked for it on warpmymind but it's 20 bucks.

#48:  Author: Aeon234 PostPosted: Tue 14 May, 2013
I have re-uploaded the files to my google drive and made them share-able with the following links: lFNNVE/edit?usp=sharin g VFLU2c/edit?usp=sharin g

I don't have curse removal and wouldn't be able to share anyway if it costs money. These ones are free which you can find here (along with some newer ones):
Type in search bar "lucid dream"
Word of caution the site seems a little dodgy now has some porn on it, don't enter if under 21.

If you want to remove the 'curse' just stop listening to it. I can tell you from experience that it only works the more you listen, and even then it is doubtful you will have them every night for the rest of your life like it says.

#49:  Author: Kellie PostPosted: Wed 15 May, 2013
thank you!

i've listened to the curse mp3 4 times so far, i think, and it gave me my first lucid, though only a few seconds. i'll definitely keep listening to it. i did notice i wake up feeling extremely tired and with headaches (o。 o;)

#50:  Author: Shadow of a Day PostPosted: Thu 16 May, 2013
Hey there,
I tried the Lucid dream curse 1.
I did it before going to bed the first time and got into a state where My body was falling asleep: My body took over my breathing, Eyes started twitching slightly, odd sensations. After a while I just fell asleep.

However, I saw great potential in this and tried it during a WBTB, First WILD in months! And supposedly it will help hypnotise me into having lucid dreams more often, but I'm not so sure about that one.

I've decided to just keep on using that track since it seems to work for me, does anybody else have experiences with different ones that might work better?

LD4all » Quest for Lucidity

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