what is the 1st dream you remember? Part II
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#1: what is the 1st dream you remember? Part II Author: FreeFlowingSalt PostPosted: Tue 29 Aug, 2006
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It must have been when I got a SNES for my birthday a longgg time ago. I see Mario shrinking, spiraling, and falling into this castle. Then I'm inside, on this giant wooden floor. Then there are these giant wooden balls that come rolling around, and I have to avoid being smooshed. There are also these giant ants and bowling pins everywhere. It was quite scary for a child.

#2:  Author: Joshiii_Kun PostPosted: Fri 08 Sep, 2006
I think the earliest dream I can remember was a nightmare. I was standing on the edge of a swimming pool, and some people pushed me into the water. I tried swimming, but I sank deeper and deeper into the water, and I held my breath.

Then I woke up, out of breath. I had planted my face in my pillow, I guess that's why I couldn't breathe. I quickly ran into my mom's room to ask if I was still alive 8D Silly me.

#3:  Author: Roya PostPosted: Fri 08 Sep, 2006
The earliest dream i remember was also a nightmare. I had it when i was 3. Even now ( years later) the thought of this dream makes me shiver scared

Note: the whole dream was in black and white, apart from the bus.

The dream starts with my mother, father, brother and I walking around the outside of a graveyard.

My mum is carrying me on my shoulders and my dad is carrying my brother on his shoulders. Everything is going fine until we go around the corner of the graveyard, where we are closer to the road. As we walk i notice a big red bus driving veery slowly by us. Since it was the only thing in the dream with colour it was very noticable. At first i don't see anything strange about this until i notice there's no one IN the bus and that the bus is trying to kidnap me. I frantically tell my mum the bus's plan to kidnap me but she doesn't hear me. I try to scream, but can't.

The dream ends with the bus stopping next to us, and a hissing sound as the doors of the bus open........... !scared !

spooky dream for a three year old! 0.o

#4:  Author: Fei PostPosted: Sun 24 Sep, 2006
I don't remember my first dream, but I do remember my first semi-LD. I was walking around the streets without my mother and I felt soo lonely. Everyone was passing this way and that way and pushing me around. Then I heard this warm voice/knowledge from around me, telling me not to be afraid. That the world is my friend and if I believe in something enough it'll listen. I smiled and then the people were all pushed away by green rolling hills and flowering trees sprouted up and all around me.

#5:  Author: Lyii PostPosted: Sun 01 Oct, 2006
When I was probably about 3....

I was in this huge dark room, and there was all these different colored floor tiles on the ground.

And whenever you'd take a step a few of the tiles would drop out, and you could look down and see nothing but darkness.

Scared the crap out of me when I was that little. sadblauw

#6:  Author: wnvoss PostPosted: Wed 25 Oct, 2006
Hmmmm kind of a toughie.

The first dream that I can remember was kind of an FA I guess.. without the dreaming first part. I dreamt that I woke up in my bed, which was facing the door. My door was always kept open so that I could sream for my mom when I was little.

Anyways, I looked through my door to see my dad, in kind of a glowy, really literally "ghost" image. He was walking towards me and I said "Dad?" but he didn't answer. I kept calling him but I kept walking (without moving, by the way). I got really, really scared, and then a witch-like lady swung down from over the top of my bunk bed and yelled "Want some soup??" I woke up in a tizzy and now I keep my door closed no matter what. It's kinda funny.

#7:  Author: tunneltak PostPosted: Wed 25 Oct, 2006
The very first dream I remember was a dream I had when I was about three or four years old. It was a nightmare, and I dreamt I was the little red riding hood I was lying in the grandma's bed, and suddenly the wolf was under the bed and on his way up to me That's all I remember, I think I woke up and started to cry or something crazy ^^

#8:  Author: Wushan PostPosted: Thu 26 Oct, 2006
When I was really little I used to have dreams of Dr Eggman (or Dr Robotnik) coming to kill me when I was on the toilet. For the remainer of that month I always used to scream if someone walked up to the bathroom while I was in it. eh

#9:  Author: Infinitycascade PostPosted: Thu 26 Oct, 2006
Walking down a multi coloured path with some random DC's and a robot! Then the robot drinks from a fountain and I tell it to stop!

It was a strange dream. lach1

#10:  Author: StantheGarbageMan PostPosted: Sat 11 Nov, 2006
I think earliest dreams I've ever had were way, way back when I was five- It was a a very odd dream: A tiny, cartoon man with a combover and a gargatuan nose was standing before a red curtain, shouting to someone offstage: "NOT A BETTER ONE, A BETTER ONE!" Then a guitar was strummed once offstage. The man just repeated, "NOT A BETTER ONE, A BETTER ONE!" The unseen guitar strummed again, but the man still wasn't satisfied. "NOT A BETTER ONE, A BETTER ONE!" The guitar strummed one last time. "Don't just stand there!" He yelled. Suddenly the curtain behind him began to crack like glass, and then shattered to reveal a swirling yellow abyss. "Bail out!" He shouted as he was picked up and sucked in. "Bail OUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUTTTTT...."

The first nightmare I had was when I was around the same age: I was in a dark room all alone with a single door. I was lying on the floor when the door burst open to reveal a huge, rusty, whirling electic fan, strapped to a wooden chair with barbed wire and chains. A gasp was heard, and then total silence, except for the horrible 'THUMP THUMP THUMP' noise of the chair hopping over towards me, like a heartbeat.

Back then I had a fear of electric fans for some reason. Obivously that nightmare didn't help me at all.

#11:  Author: meta_phy PostPosted: Sat 11 Nov, 2006
hmm well. I was very little and i remember comming home from the gym with my mom. Everything in the house was moved around and then there was this scary old lady in a rocking chair and she was kniting or somthing and i looked at her then i instantly started fallling in a black hole and I was spinning and screaming...a big childhood nightmare for me that i wont forget overspannen

#12:  Author: Win Laik Pya PostPosted: Mon 11 Dec, 2006
First dream ever? hmm ok. I was in a stadium, watching a hockey type ish game. My brother and my neighbor eric were on the same team. They were playing as i was watching, but then all of the sudden the game ended. The players were not on the field but now in the stands cheering. The stands turned into a truck, and they drove away. I knew for some reason that they were going to get ice cream. Then i said "hey, they cheated!" and woke up.

#13:  Author: skudge PostPosted: Tue 19 Dec, 2006
I know I was about three and a half years old, because I had just moved into my new house, and I had this dream in black and white. I wasn't in it...it was like a black and white movie, really, with the camera zooming in and out on random stuff. These two kids, a boy and a girl, were rollerskating, and they rolled over one of the drain things in the street (I've always been afraid of walking over them). It made all these tiny white-ish worms appear inside their rollerskates, so the kids got scared and went home. They kicked off their rollerskates and left them by the front door and ran elsewhere in the house and pretended that nothing had happened, but the worms multiplied and filled the whole house. I forget how they got rid of them exactly, but they did eventually...after telling their mom and she helped. Then the camera kind of backed out through the front door and zoomed in on the drainy thing, where one single worm was wiggling a bit, and then it zoomed out and I woke up.

#14:  Author: focus1 PostPosted: Sun 24 Dec, 2006
One of the first dreams I really can remember is one that I had manny times when I was a kid. Somthing chaced me into a building where there where huge wide stairs. I run up, but everything was kind of slow. There was a beast of a wich following me, gaining in on me. I remer that I had to run in a circle and that it was hopless. I trained my self in waking up from it. I also can remember one verry strange feeling of buzz, or distortion, from my sleep or semi sleep of my time as a child. It has completly gone away. I remember that it also was kind of scary or conected with fever or sickness. Also the feeling of touching structure that is not smooth can describe it?

#15:  Author: ShaggE PostPosted: Wed 27 Dec, 2006
(Forewarning: Number 2 is graphic)

I can't remember which came first, so I'll put my 2 earliest remembered dreams:

1. One was a classic flying dream, where I jumped out of a window and soared off.

2. I was in a large cave, lost and confused. The next thing I knew, I was in the bathroom of our house at the time, and the shower curtain was closed. (A situation that makes me paranoid to this day) I pulled back the curtain, and saw my childhood dog, Pookie, floating in the water, with one eye floating outside of the socket. I remember it was oddly realistic for a 5 year old's dream. (coincidentally, Pookie went blind in his old age 3 years later... premonition?)

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