The BIG Reality Check topic, part IV
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#106: Well...gotta post sometime.. Author: Entheoman PostPosted: Mon 19 Jan, 2009
Really glad I found this site. I am a newbie, only been at this for 6 months, but it's good to find a site to share my interests. I LD about once a week, and trying desperately to increase that number. The RC thing is great, as I first learned it in "the art of dreaming" by castaneda. I will continue to try the nose technique...if anyone has any tips I would love to hear them. Just being on this site helps my mind to condition itsself to dream more. I recall dreams every night now, as before maybe twice a week. Thanks to all for making this possible and sharing your experiences.
Please message me if you have any pointers that can help me become lucid at night...besides the ones I have already read. Everything helps!
Peace to all

#107: New RC!! Author: 1wthWings PostPosted: Sun 29 Mar, 2009
ok so here is a RC that you only have to do once a day.
first. you know how when u were a kid, at least for me, whenever i had a LD i would first think wait! i was just in my bed. so then lalalalaa i would have a LD.
so whenever u get up in the morning aka out of your bed just be aware that u are getting up and if you want do a RC.
cause then when you are in a dream you will be like "wait i never got out of bed, im still sleeping!!"

on a side note. i do RC on a sheduled basis. and on a random basis. like whenever i look at a clock or what not. but i also do them, whenever i see the sun, the moon, my DS, and now whenever i wake

#108:  Author: LegendaryDreamer PostPosted: Sun 29 Mar, 2009
That's not really "new", it's just a mental way of questioning your state, reality or not.
It's basically a mental reality check.

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#109:  Author: 1wthWings PostPosted: Sun 29 Mar, 2009
exactly. so its a NEW way of Q reality. Q reality is defined as a Reality check.

#110:  Author: LegendaryDreamer PostPosted: Sun 29 Mar, 2009
Actually, asking yourself about it isn't really new. Even the movie Waking Life (2001) discussed things like this.
Also, these videos were posted in 2007, and include something very similar:
Part One - Part Two - Part Three

#111:  Author: OceanBorn PostPosted: Mon 06 Apr, 2009
I've been doing as many RC during the day as I can remember, but no avail in my dreams til last night. Last night I can recall about 10 different dream connections, weather or not I woke u between them I dont know. But during the night I felt I turned over in bed and briefly woke and the next thing I knew was in a car so did a RC, because wasn't I in bed a second a go? I did the hand thing, tried to distort my finger by pulling it but nothing. So I thought, if I'm in a dream and keep pulling, it WILL distort so I pulled and my finger stretched. I then went on to do the breathe thing, which also worked but thats all I remember. So maybe setting your alarm earlier and just thinking 'LD!' and going back to sleep will help with a RC?

#112:  Author: Lidybug PostPosted: Wed 08 Apr, 2009
My hands always look normal in my LD's. The clock RC really works for me.

#113:  Author: nightmaster PostPosted: Sun 19 Apr, 2009
Hey all

Was just wondering, how many RC's do you need to do roughly to have the most chance of performing them in dreams? I've started wondering if its because I'm not doing enough RCs that I'm not getting lucid often

#114:  Author: GreenDragon PostPosted: Sun 26 Apr, 2009
The best way to get the most out of reality checks isn't just to do as many as possible. If you focus purely on quantity, then you may find it becomes something you expect to fail and get tired of doing. The best thing I believe to do, is to do as many RCs as you feel comfortable doing, trying to remember to do them when certain events (Dream signs) happen. When you do them, you want to try and really think, it might be a dream. Try to be in the mindset where it wouldn't be a huge surprise if your reality check said you were dreaming.

Tying them to an event is a good idea, it has been successful for me. Try to spend some time, when you have nothing better to do, focusing on your intention to RC when [insert dreamsign] happens. You can use some generic dream signs if you don't know any, two good ones are, things not working as expected, and things feeling dream-like. (Where the world seems so clear, like if it was an exceptionally sunny day for example) Placing a reminder of your intention to RC when [insert dreamsign] happens may help too. For example a quick note on you computer desk.

#115:  Author: zaret PostPosted: Fri 01 May, 2009
I normally pinch myself, to see if it hurts. Now may need to think of something else as I was able to hug and felt it with a person in my last LD (the person that hugged me died 3 years ago, not sure if it was because we made contact) I'm going to try other methids from now on...

#116:  Author: Johnny Tambourine PostPosted: Sun 10 May, 2009
There is some RC I thought of (I'm not sure if it's already been done) that could be used by anyone who wears glasses. I've noticed that I never seem to be wearing glasses in dreams even though I have them on almost all day. It's just a quick RC that can be done by looking in a mirror or looking out of the corner of my eyes.

#117:  Author: kalyan PostPosted: Sun 10 May, 2009
even the nose RC is not that reliable. it failed once for me. itried to breathe air out but it did not come. but i was quite sure that i am dreaming, so i did another RC

#118:  Author: Drumm PostPosted: Fri 29 May, 2009
A few general thoughts on RC's:
I'm going to start trying the vision RC--I wear glasses, so if I have perfect vision without glasses, I'm certainly dreaming. Or if my vision is blurred with glasses, same thing.
I find that it's useful to do the hand RC a lot, because I never actually look at my hands in dreams. Blurry hands would be a good sign.
I don't know how well this would work, but here's my idea: seeing as my dreams are always crazy illogical, I'll start asking myself during the day "has anything really odd happened recently?" It's kinda broad, but a sudden change of scenery is definitely something that I would find weird in waking life.

#119:  Author: SweeterDreams PostPosted: Mon 01 Jun, 2009
Ha I had a weird one! I was sitting in class, and the dream was on Thursday night, so I knew that it must be Friday, which I knew we were supposed to get off. I turned to the girl next to me and was like "Hey, why do we have school? We're supposed to have today off." Then the teacher looked at me and was like "It's a dream." and I was like "Really?" and she nodded. Then I was like, "So, I can leave?" and she nodded again, and I got up and awkwardly walked out of the room. Haha!! My reality check was trying to fly, it didn't work but I figured it was dream because the teacher told me so. Weird.

#120:  Author: Umbra PostPosted: Mon 15 Jun, 2009
MMDreamer wrote:
So how do you remember doing a RC in the morning, after you got up?

I tacked up a piece of paper to my ceiling above my pillow that says REALITY CHECK. It works.

I also write it on the back of my hand twice. Each in a different color. Ever time I see it, I do a RC.

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