The BIG Reality Check topic, part IV
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#91: Reality Checks Author: kmd415 PostPosted: Fri 05 Sep, 2008
Last night, I had my first lucid dream since joining the forum last week. I have had many LDs before, but began getting frustrated and confused with false awakenings and going in & out of lucidity. I learned about reality checks, and tried it last night. WOW was that neat! Once I realized I was dreaming, I tried to stick my right finger through my left hand. It wasn't an easy pass-through, I really had to dig, almost like trying to poke a stick through heavy modeling clay. Once I did it, I was doing it the whole dream. All day today, I have the strangest feeling in the middle of my left hand. I must have been playing with my palm in my sleep. ??
Another cool thig about last night -- this is the first dream in a long time that I actually had a conversation with a dream character about my lucid dreaming. Although I can't remember exactly what he said, I can still picture what he looks like in my head. He was a cross between Adrian Grenier & Seth Rogan. Analyze that one!
Glad i was able to use a tip I learned here!

#92:  Author: Sanky PostPosted: Fri 03 Oct, 2008
I recently (a week ago) started to do the finger-though-palm one, but I felt I was doing it too much and that I didn't think about it really. Now I writed RC on my hand and on my leg. Each time I'll see it, I'll do some random RC I can think of. Also, when walking through a door, I'll try to do a RC.
The only LD I had was using WILD, so I hope I'll have some using RCs, too.

#93: What is wrong when Author: George PostPosted: Sun 12 Oct, 2008
I do a reality check in a dream and nothing happens ?

Many times it happen that I do it in a dream and then nothing.

I tried different reality checks.

What could be the problems ?

Thank you in advance for your eventual help

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#94:  Author: GreenDragon PostPosted: Sun 12 Oct, 2008
This often seems to be caused by some sort of expectation that the RC is going to say you are awake. A way of combating that is to really question and give it some thought, if you are dreaming, when you do your RC. Doing the same RC over and over might also cause you to become used to it failing. So perhaps doing a few different RCs might help if you RC often. smile

#95: Getting Started with RCs Author: Steve-Oh... PostPosted: Thu 16 Oct, 2008
Ive jsut started a DJ to help withdream recall, and ive been trying to do RCs too, but i never think of them druing the day. Is there any way to help make them a habit?

#96:  Author: Sanky PostPosted: Thu 16 Oct, 2008
I did stick-your-finger-though-other-hands-palm relaity check in a lucid dream, and it failed! Or, rather, worked! Failed! Eeh...
Basicly, it didn't do what it was supposted to do: The finger was stopped by the palm! So if I would ever do this RC in a ND, I wouldn't get lucid!
Thankfully, the nose one worked, so I'll use that one.

#97:  Author: BlueAndWhite PostPosted: Sat 18 Oct, 2008
Thats exactly what happened to me. My finger didnt go thorugh my palm, but the air supply got through my plugged nose afterwards so.. i dont bother with the hand-through-palm RC. As the nose one always works for me ^^

#98:  Author: Elusive PostPosted: Thu 23 Oct, 2008
I'm not sure if this method was mentioned yet, but I read somewhere that you could write a large "A" on your palm that stands for "awake." If you look at it in your dream and its there it might remind you to do a reality check. I hope that helps.

#99:  Author: Mistlight PostPosted: Thu 23 Oct, 2008
I actually don't do much RCing. I like to do the levitation RC, but only after I'm lucid. The classic "examining surroundings" trick works with me too.

#100:  Author: Tyro PostPosted: Sun 02 Nov, 2008
Reality checks can come in many differnt ways. In my first self induced lucid dream a poptart served as a reality check. :D

#101:  Author: Half Jack PostPosted: Sat 13 Dec, 2008
(Oh my first post on the English forum :3 )

RC's make me angry as hell. ): I never succeed that way, especially the mirror-way doesn't work.
I remember that last summer I was in a dream and I looked in a mirror to see if I still looked normal. Odd me would prove I was in a dream, I thought. First I did not see any reflection at all, so I went closer. Then I suddenly appeared, all bloody and gore like I'd been in some sort of accident. "Oh that's me!" I though and I just dreamed on. Argh.

A few dreams later I looked into the mirror again. My body shapeshifted into someone else and still I decided the RC proved I was awake.

Even clocks don't help! A few nights ago I was in a dream and looked at the clock. 3:00. I looked away and then looked again. 18:34. I looked away and looked again: --:--.
'Oh hey my clock's broke!' Oh god, dream-me is so stupid!

#102:  Author: zora_kid PostPosted: Thu 01 Jan, 2009
for me even if i do a hundred RC IRL, i never do them in a dream. when i dream its like watching TV. i dont think about my choices i just do them

#103: help Author: DR34M N0OB PostPosted: Thu 01 Jan, 2009
Can anybody help me...

The only time I'm reminded to do a RC is when I'm on LD4ALL but otherwise throughout the day I never remember. Any ideas? reality check reality check reality check reality check reality check reality check

#104:  Author: almighty catfish PostPosted: Sun 04 Jan, 2009
@DR34M N0OB: you could try using a watch and setting it to go off every hour? or you could try to remember to do one everytime you go through a doorway. that works for me. or you could do one when you see a clock. or a tv. or your family/friends. or... ill stop now. but now that i think about it, the possibilities are close to endless

i had a LD this morning by reality checking. it was about time too. ive been RCing for the past month with continuously missed and failed DS's, and it paid off! yay! the funny thing is that i didnt hear my phones alarm so i must have been in a really deep sleep.

#105:  Author: The Moon Man PostPosted: Thu 08 Jan, 2009
I stared doing the nose RC...
I do irt a few times a day.
When i'm in bed,that phase of the slow waking up,in wich you're half dreaming,half awake,i do it dozens of times.
I still can't get lucid...

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