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#16:  Author: Mohegan PostPosted: Thu 17 Jan, 2008
Could just chop off their hands so they can't feed.

#17:  Author: Sakoda PostPosted: Thu 17 Jan, 2008
they regenerate , oh , and don't they do it with theyr mouth anyways ? lach1 ....also , thats a humanistic method of getting rid of an enemy , chopping of theyr hands ... dude , your brutal yes

#18:  Author: Mohegan PostPosted: Thu 17 Jan, 2008
They do regenerate, but I don't think appendages and limbs grow back.

A wraith, feeding from it's mouth? Don't be daft. That'll be series 5 when they meet a race of vampires.

Not that I expect there to be a season 5.

#19:  Author: Sakoda PostPosted: Thu 17 Jan, 2008
why ? are you also among the people who find atlantis inferior to SG1 ? or are you juat pessewmistic ? lach1 ... well , i have not watched so many stargate atlantis episodes with wraith in it , ....

#20:  Author: Mohegan PostPosted: Thu 17 Jan, 2008
Have you never seen them feed? They suck the life out of a person via their hand, which looks kind of like this:

Part of the reason I don't think there will be a season 4 is that the wraith seems to be the only enemy in the Pegasus Galaxy that is unique to Atlantis, so unless they plan on keeping them around a long time I don't see it lasting. Besides, how will they beat the Ori story? After Sg-1 wiped them out any thing atlantis does, just seems small and petty tounge1

#21:  Author: Sakoda PostPosted: Thu 17 Jan, 2008
theres just a drie indeed to that .. they are to protected from A9 enemys and b) stupid goverment and para-goverment organisations ....

#22:  Author: himebanana PostPosted: Fri 18 Jan, 2008
At work today (that in itself sounds funny....)

they were fixing the coloured copier and the guy fixing it was on the phone and asking about how to fix stuff and said,

"the chevron isn't locking!"


I kinda turned and looked and XD ah sigh. My colleague, well out of two that KNOWS Stargate went, "yeah...ah it would be kewl if a wormhole came out then!" XD

#23:  Author: al PostPosted: Sat 19 Jan, 2008
If we ever actually do contact an alien species on another planet, there will be more awkwardness and klutzy attempts at communication than there will be time for conquest and the kind of mindgames that occur in the Stargate shows. The many differences in our biological makeups (it's arrogant to assume other lifeforms will be carbon-based!) and the fact that other species' forms of communication may not even involve sound will mean that it will take forever to just get to square one ... saying hello (or "I want to take over your planet, even though I can't breathe in its atmosphere.").

#24:  Author: Sakoda PostPosted: Sun 06 Jul, 2008
Got a chance to watch "continuum" 2 days ago , it was quite good actually yes
(never mes with time people , i tell ya wink )

#25:  Author: LordLeckie PostPosted: Tue 15 Jul, 2008
Hey nice this thread actually has stargate ads too.

Im not sure if continuum is out here in Oz yet...ill have to check first, ill be mainly getting it out of posterity to finish my collection including all box sets and the original move as well as the Atlantis seasons out here so far.

Ark of Truth....well they tried to cram a season or 2 into one movie which wasnt going to work, they basically dug out the mother of all Deus Ex Machinas and left it at that and i feel it just wasnt that well done and i also thought it just seemed....i dunno slightly low grade or tacky...maybe i shouldnt have watch the visual effects special feature now i know how they make things like the explosions and all that...

Personally though while the Ori were good i still feel that the show should have finished with season 8 with a ninth to clear things up and maybe show the tau-ri and jaffa joining up and conquering the hell out of the remnants of the goauld and looking to the future as they reveal the existance of the gate to earth.

Atlantis is a great spin off though and i hope it goes for as long as it needs to (i still dont know how they will wipe out the wraith, god forbid its another hunt for an ancient artifact thats not a ZPM)

#26:  Author: JaRoD PostPosted: Tue 15 Jul, 2008
Here's another fan of stargate ^^ And even if it does have alot of stupid stuff in it one can't just help liking it. For me I think it mostly has to do with the people in it and the fact that I'm a sci-fi addict

Jack, because it's MacGyver !!
Sam, what's not to like grin
Daniel, because he's such a nice and caring guy
Teal'c, because he's just so different from the others.

#27:  Author: Sakoda PostPosted: Thu 01 Oct, 2009
Alas , the time has come !
Arise my fellow fan(atics?) !
Stargate Universe is going on Air Tommorow !!!

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