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#1: A new Technique VWILD Author: Jayster PostPosted: Mon 17 Dec, 2007

If you read any of my previous posts, you will see that I havnít been particularly successful in the realm of LD. But, I have spent the last 14 or so years, reading, reserching and experimenting. After a lot of painstaking nights and moments of giving up and then, going back, I have finally had a LD. Hoorah for me! In fact Iíve had 3 LD in the past 2 weeks. And Iíve accomplished it by developing my own system. Iím thinking that if this system works for me, then it must be good.

Iíve called it VILD. Iím still experimenting with this system, so Iím not sure of itís success rate. But so far, its looking good. Iíve also developed a different way of logging my dreams instead of using a Dream Journal, which for me personally, have found it better. So, here Iím giving you my new developed system. Please try it out, and let me know how it works for you.

Iíll start with what I call the Dream Jotter, or just Jotter. Now, Iím not particularly a regular to this site, so I apolagise if anybody else has already had a similar idea. Now, Iíve always found that the Dream Journal requires way too much detail. Mainly to enable you to study it, so that you can spot your own personal dream signs. Well, by using my method of VILD, you donít need to spot dream signs. So, really, a journal isnít needed. The other function the journal helps you with, is dream recall. Now, this is of course is the most important rule of LD. This is the only reason for the Jotter. For dream recall.

Now, its the same principle. But there are rules on how to use the Jotter. First of all, keep it by your bed with a pen. The first rule, keep it BASIC and only use key words. Do not write descriptive sentences. You dont need to write your dream as if it were a novel.

The second rule, use Abbreviations (Abbs)

With these two rules, you will make jotting your dreams down much faster. Preventing you from waking up too much after waking from every dream. In the morning, just take 5 minutes reading through your Jotter for that night and you will see that the dreams come flooding back. Use a clean page for each dream and donít worry about writing them up in best. Itís just not needed.

Ok, a note on Abbs. What do I mean? It means using abbreviations to represent words that would take too long to write down. So that its faster and prevents you from waking up too much. It would be good for you to learn them or at least the basics, and maybe you can come up with your own. Donít worry too much about using abbs all the time, dont try and rewrite the whole dictionary in abbs form. I just want you to get the idea.

dif - Different
bt - Between
pl - People
l - Lots / Loads / Many
t - The
thr - There / Their
+ - And
o - Of / Off / Zero
2 - To / Too / Two
4 - For / Four

To denote colours, use the beginning letter, plus a dot.

r. - Red
b. - Black
yg. - Yellow and Green

Sometimes emotions can play a big part in dreams. So to jot these, use the beginning letter, as with the colours, but add a afterwards.

h- - Happy
s- Sad

You can also use more complex abbs

l ungrd - London Underground.

You also need to keep in mind of the three areas. They will help you to reform the dream in your mind when rereading your jottings in the morning.

Location - Characters - Events

I think the three areas are fairly obvious and self explanatory. Just donít go into too much detail (remember rule 1) Only note that, which stands out and which you feel is important.


Basic key words, no sentences.
Location, characters, events

It may take a little practice using this method, but it was extreamley beneficial to me. I didn't have to spend time writing all my dreams up every morning. And most of the time, when I was writing my dreams down in the middle of the night, i couldn't get back to sleep. I was getting very, very tired. So I developed these rules and abbs to jot down my dreams. Trust me, you don't need the journal. Make your jots, and in the morning, when you read through them, you will remember your dream and in only a short time, your dream recall will improve.
I can jot down a dream which last roughly 15 - 20 mins in about 20 words. Just try to keep sentences to a minimum and use key words, and stick to the three area. Location - characters - events.

Ok, now the exciting bit. VILD.

Vibrating Induced Lucid Dreaming

The concept is easy really. I actually bought a nova dreamer years ago, which is a goggle based item. The problem is, I found that there were just too many variables to train my mind to look out for, because its visual. Where as the sense of touch really, only has one variable. Touch. Quite simple really. You will need to buy a watch that has a vibrating alarm. Now, there is a specific one you need. Its called a vibraLITE 3. It has to be that one, for a reason. Its designed for deaf people, hence a vibrating alarm.

You need to set the watch so that the vibrating alarm goes off every 42 minutes. I have found that with this timing, you have a better chance of it going off during your REM cycles. Now, the clever thing about this particular watch, is that after the alarm goes off, it resets itself, and then goes off again 42 minutes later, and then another 42 minutes later after that. Actually, it will do that forever until you tell it to stop.
Now, this needs to be worn all through out the day. Every time it goes off, do a reality check. I do the close your mouth and try to breath through it, one. Do this every time the vibrating alarm goes off. When you do a check, make sure that you really ask yourself, ĎIs this a dreamí.
The idea, is of course, that it becomes such a habit, that in your dream, when you feel the vibration of the watch go off, you do a reality check and realise youíre dreaming.
Hoorah! Thats basically it. VILD. Try it out, and let me know your results. As I say, Iím still experimenting with this technique too. Please let me know, if anyone tries out the jotter as well, as I say, i found it better than the journal approach.

I am working on a way to improve dream recall and vividness. Itís with the use of magnetic therapy. Iím not 100 % sure if it will work but so far my research suggests that it will. I have yet to build the devices, but I need to find some plastic sewing needles to make them. Metal ones are no good, as Iím working with magnets and theyíre too strong to use conventional needles. Once Iíve done it, and if it works. I will post the info here and tell you all how to make them.

Happy dreaming folks.

#2:  Author: dmbhaze PostPosted: Mon 17 Dec, 2007
VILD sounds pretty legit to me... how much do one of those watches cost???

#3:  Author: Jayster PostPosted: Mon 17 Dec, 2007
Well, I had to do a bit of searching on the web for exactly what i wanted. Many of the vibrating watches I found. Had the alarm, but only turned off, when you pressed the stop button. And then you would have to reset the alarm for it to go off again.
Two things why that was no good.
The vibrating alarm would go on forever until you pressed stop. So, I could LD, but the alarm would still be going, and probably wake me up. So, it had to find one that would go off after a certain time. And also, it needed to reset itself, so that i didnt have to do it.

In my search, I only found one. The vibraLITE 3. You can set the alarm intervals. So I like to set for 42 mins. But you can set for 2 hours if you like or 5 mins. The alarm goes off for 20 seconds (which is too long really, but I cant find any better) After the 20 seconds, the alarm stops and resets itself. It will then go off in another 42 mins, or whatever interval you set it for.

Everyone is different, and as I said, I'm still experimenting with it myself. But it has been very successful so far.

It has also, however, sometimes woken me up. Thats why It would be nice if the alarm only went off for 5 seconds. That's the only downside of it. If you are a light sleeper, it may not be best for you.

I cant remember the name of the website, just search for vibralite watches for the deaf, or something like that. My one cost me around £25 Which is roughly $40 ish. You need to get the 3 one though. Thats the only one which you can set an unlimited alarm interval. You can choose various colours though and straps.

#4:  Author: kTFox PostPosted: Mon 17 Dec, 2007
I would have to let you know that there is already a technique called VILD. You probably already know but its called Visually Incubated Lucid Dream.

#5:  Author: Reno PostPosted: Mon 17 Dec, 2007
That does sound extremely interesting Jayster, Glad to hear you finally found something that works for you! rechterduim omhoog met knipoog

The vibrating version does sound better, but I wonder if you could mod your tech to work with sound? I have a watch that beeps every hour and I might be able to use that as a sign, (although I don't think sound would be as easy to detect as touch.)

And KT4all is right, the acronym "VILD" is already taken...... we'll have to try and pick another for your tech. ^^

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#6:  Author: rarebreed PostPosted: Mon 17 Dec, 2007
Hm, this is interesting to me because I have had the idea to do this for a while, a day or two ago I actually made my own vibrating alarm using a 555timer, but it goes off every 3-5min which is way too short. Ill have to look into those watches....how loud are they when they vibrate?

#7:  Author: Scarecrow PostPosted: Mon 17 Dec, 2007
Pretty good tech, i think i'll try it out tonight since i have nothing to do smile

There should be a forum for all these techniques

#8:  Author: Jayster PostPosted: Mon 17 Dec, 2007
No, I didn't realise that VILD was already taken. Thats a shame. Any suggestions for a new acronym are more than welcome.

In reply to the beeping alarm. Yes, I think sound will work. Have you ever been dreaming when your mum comes to wake you up in the morning for school and it actually manifests in your dream. The only problem however, is that again, just like with the Nova Dreamer, there are too many variables. Which is exactly what my system avoids. Also, if you sleep with a partner, it may wake them up, whereas with a vibrating watch on your arm. (hopefully) only you should feel it.
Also, it would be more difficult to pick up on a sounding alarm when wearing it every day, as you have other noises to contend with. The idea of the vibration is that you will feel it no matter what is going on around you. You could even be in a football stadium. When it goes off, you will know and can do a reality check. You will not hear a beeper in that situation.

In my previous experiences with the watch, There has only been one variable. In the 3 dreams I have become lucid in, I have always just felt a vibration on my arm and then automatically, done a reality check.

The vibration is quite strong, and has also woken my partner once as it vibrates through the mattress a little. So yeah, pretty strong, and it goes for 20 seconds which is a pain as it has also woken me before. So if you are a light sleeper, it will probably wake you.

It would be fab,if you can somehow alter it so the alarm only goes off for 5 sec. But I think it would be the software side on the chip, which I wouldn't be able to alter.

#9:  Author: Jayster PostPosted: Mon 17 Dec, 2007
Just had a private message for a new actonym, VWILD

Vibrating Watch Induced Lucid Dream

What does everyone think, I'd love some more suggestions.

#10:  Author: dmbhaze PostPosted: Mon 17 Dec, 2007
jayster... keep us posted on your continued research with VWILD. see if it keeps producing the results... if so i might invest in a virbaLITE3

#11:  Author: kTFox PostPosted: Mon 17 Dec, 2007
VWILD sounds pretty good. The W in WILD stands for waked ...fyi

#12:  Author: Sliph PostPosted: Mon 17 Dec, 2007
Hearing of the 20 second alarm ring was a real disappointment to me, but the whole idea sounds very useful. I'm probably going to buy one anyways, but like Rarebreed asked, how loud does it vibrate? I think if it's too loud, I wouldn't be abled to use it in class or else it would "disrupt" the learning environment.

ps! Jayster, you should be part of our researcher and experimenters team here on the forum!

#13:  Author: Jayster PostPosted: Tue 18 Dec, 2007
Researcher and development team. That sounds good. Can anyone just take part?

I think the vibration alarm would be a little noticeable in a quiet enviroment. But I dont find it too loud. I have had one person i work with ask 'What's that noise?' I dont embarrass though, so it didnt bother me and i told them all about LD. They were quite interested too.

You could always try to tie a piece of elastic onto the strap and then put the watch on around your ankle. That way the sound of vibration will be further away from ear shot. Even though not that far, it may make a slight difference. Because as I say, its not too, too loud in the first place.

The only way you can be sure is to buy one. Sorry I cant be of anymore help than that. Remember that it is designed for a deaf person. So it needs to be fierce enough for them to notice it as there only source of an alarm.

Yes, it's incredibly dissapointing that it vibrates for 20 seconds. I have looked into getting a device built that is designed just for LD. It wouldn't need a time on it like a watch. It could just be a vibrating device that can be set to go off at timed intervals, for 5 seconds and then resets itself. And that you could choose between say 5 different time intervals. However, to get it made and patented would cost me around £20,000. And because LD is more of a specialist subject, I felt that I wouldnt be able to make the money back.
Just look at the Nova dreamer and similar devices (although, they dont work as well as my idea).

If anyone out there happens to be a millionaire and would be interested in risking some money on such a device. Feel free to get in touch.

#14:  Author: rarebreed PostPosted: Wed 19 Dec, 2007
20, 000???? Is that how much it is for a patent? Even using a programmable microchip and even throwing in a custom made watch it wouldnt cost more than $20 tops for the device, probably more like 10..... how many LDs have u had using your tech again? Maybe I should make a watch specifically for LDs and post a schematic/ How to.

#15:  Author: Blitzen PostPosted: Wed 19 Dec, 2007
Considering that I have about 300 some left for the holidays, I am going to order the vibralite 3 off Amazon. Hopefully it will be here for Christmas. I will be testing this as well, I keep forgetting when to do my RC's, so I need a quiet reminder every 40 odd minutes. turn3 Consider me a tester I guess, I will get back to you Jay when I recieve it.

Thanks for sharing by the way! ^_^

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