how do i make myself wake up w/out alarm clock?
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#1: how do i make myself wake up w/out alarm clock? Author: dman PostPosted: Tue 15 Apr, 2008
The title is pretty self explanatory but I would like to know how to make myself get up after a dream without the use of an alarm clock because for the method I am trying (chaining) I can't really turn off the alarm clock because you can't move. So how do I set myself to wake up at specific times or after and/or during dreams? Thanks

#2:  Author: kTFox PostPosted: Tue 15 Apr, 2008
Use autosuggestion. What you do is just say that you are going to wake up at a specific time (i.e. 3 a.m.). You have to believe it or it won't work.

#3:  Author: Undrea PostPosted: Tue 15 Apr, 2008
Sometimes when I want to wake up for school or something, I try to think about all the sensations I expreiance when I wake up and think I will remember to wake up early. I want to wake up early.

Think of things like how dark or light it is, the sounds (alarm clock, other people), how the bed feels, how you feel sleepy, but also alert, etc. Hope that helps!

#4:  Author: GreenDragon PostPosted: Tue 15 Apr, 2008
I definitely think auto-suggestion is a good way to do it. You might also want to try going to sleep earlier, this will cause you to wake up earlier. If you play around with the time you are going to sleep, you can time it so that you wake up a good hour before your alarm is set. Then once you wake you can try chaining, should it fail, you will be woken by your alarm and can continue your day. Although this is reliant on you being able to go to sleep earlier and be able to sleep after waking naturally too.

#5:  Author: Tundra PostPosted: Tue 15 Apr, 2008
All the above and habit.
Make it a habit and it will happen easier. You body needs a routine to function more efficiently, we used to rise and sleep with the sun and the more of an established, functioning routine we have, the easier it is... smile

#6:  Author: Presence of Light PostPosted: Sun 27 Apr, 2008
chaining is so easy
just vow to never ever move your body the entire night long

you'll sure want to, and if you do, don't go back to sleep, get up for a few mintues and meditate

that's it .
refuse to move, if you do move, get up and meditate, DON'T go back to bed after moving!

how can you not chain if you refuse to move?

the other is : tell yourself "MAN I DO NOT WANT TO GET UP"
then you will have FAs about waking up.

i never use an alarm but i did this morning, i had at least 4 FAs about getting up to see what time it was, and missing my alarm, and things like that.

#7:  Author: Yanielle PostPosted: Mon 28 Apr, 2008
I'm with Tundra.
Make it a habit to wake up at a certain time. My own internal alarm is very reliant; It works on weekdays and if I do wake up on a weekend, just keep quiet and still, you'll slip back into sleep mode-almost like an unitentional WBTB. Actually I think thats why I may be a much stronger weekend dreamer smile. Once you have the habit and mindset of "I have to get up at this time" (heres the autosugesstion!) It works really well. I just took the entire week off and today (Monday) I'm back into it and waking up without the alarm. Good Luck!

#8:  Author: Spartan76092 PostPosted: Thu 08 May, 2008
SWEET. I'm gonna try to master this.

I've chained before, that's very easy and a very good tech, but auto-suggestion looks really good.

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