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#1: SP Question Author: Indivore PostPosted: Wed 04 Jun, 2008
Well, I stumbled on SP on youtube.. and some of the people's stories are kind of freaking me out. I've never had a SP (and hopefully never will) I'm just wondering how DO you get it, and what can I do to prevent it..?

#2:  Author: SRV PostPosted: Wed 04 Jun, 2008
People's comments on Youtube are very frightening.
But they must not know what lucidity is or even means.
Next time you're having SP, just tell yourself that you're asleep and entering a dream. There's absolutely nothing to be scared of, especially when you know that there actually is actually nothing to be scared of ^^

#3:  Author: mattias PostPosted: Wed 04 Jun, 2008
I beleive that SP can be scary if you don't know what it is.

Knowing it and beeing able to recognize it can make it really fun. It can be used as a doorway to a LD too.

Remember that you are perfectly safe in bed. Anything you see, hear or feel is just in your mind. You can make anything go away just by thinking so. Remember also that you will get out of it in no time.

Freaking out and trying desperately to move only makes things worse. You should relax and just wait. I suggest trying to imagine music playing. I've heard the most amazing stuff in SP.

And also remember that fear of SP usually helps to create scary things. I'd think that I only had one or two bad SP's. But I knew it was SP so just thought "go away!"
(actually, to be more specific, I thought "happy thoughts! happy thoughts! unicorns and flowers!" :D ). I got out of it after that.

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