QUICK! I need an answer ASAP (about Melatonin)
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#16:  Author: AugustusGloop PostPosted: Sat 14 Jun, 2008
does anyone still believe greek mythology? thats kind of crazy, but it's a naturally occurring hormone and has been found to safely deal with sleep disorders and doesn't usually cause dependence (but can).

i think people's dream are relative to themselves and how they view things, such as this person having some anxiety before taking the melatonin hence the ascelpius p.s.a...

#17:  Author: k.moroz PostPosted: Sat 14 Jun, 2008
Yeah, but, you know, why do you need to cure yourself and mess your dreams, when you have no serious sleep disorders? That's like doing amphetamine because coffee works too strongly.

#18:  Author: AugustusGloop PostPosted: Sun 15 Jun, 2008
i'm just saying it is a safe hormone to use. who said anyone is "dreaming too strongly"? and amphetamines are clearly unhealthy, whereas melatonin is not.

if you'd like to make your dreams more vivid to increase your chances of becoming lucid in a dream by taking 1 safe pill i say go for it, it worked for me in the past.

#19:  Author: Presence of Light PostPosted: Sat 21 Jun, 2008
that's weird, 50mg?

i wouldn't have ever thought of such a high dose so i googled it and found this...

can't link to products but, pills sold in 50mg doses.

now, geeze.

i tell you what like 16 mg or so is a ton for me.


i'm not against using a tool now and then to enhance something, but to take all the time could create some problems in subtle levels.

not so much meltaonin but i'm reminded of 5-htp
lots of people liked it so i tried it, but it made me start feeling "flat" and then when i quit i had minor withdrawals for a while.

headchey seratonin kind of feelings both on and off it.

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