Celebrate our 1 year anniversary!!
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#1: Celebrate our 1 year anniversary!! Author: DreamAddict PostPosted: Mon 19 May, 2003
Hooray! :D Our new forum is one year old! 8D

grin2 grin3 grin <|:D party3
engel flower cookiemonster music2 coolrastaman

To celebrate I have made a new avatar for myself! thumbs
Thanks to everyone for making this the best lucid dream forum in the World! bounce siiw lach2


#2:  Author: Johan PostPosted: Mon 19 May, 2003
LOL, DA, so you created all those new stars with an avatar... I was wondering "how the hell did he manage to get all those stars" LOL. Smart idea wink5

This board is definitely the only LD-forum worthwile visiting and I'm very sure it will only get better, and better, and better... Year after year! Thnx a lot Q and all the members smile

#3:  Author: Qu PostPosted: Mon 19 May, 2003
cool avatar DA :D
i moved the topic to the news section, it is quite important news siiw
didnīt realize it was a year already!

Iīm happy so many ppl find their lucid spot here smile

Free drinks on the house bier

Thank you everybody!

Let this be the first celebration of many more to come. grin3

#4:  Author: Jack PostPosted: Mon 19 May, 2003
Thank you ,thank you Pasquale!!
Its been a great year:)I wanna keep posting messages like that till we hit at least 50yrs anniversary!:)Ill be here:)

#5: Re: Author: fdroy PostPosted: Tue 20 May, 2003
bounce Happy Anniversary! bounce
user How Exciting! spinning
spinning spinning spinning spinning spinning spinning spinning spinning

#6:  Author: Hivemind PostPosted: Wed 21 May, 2003
I have no idea of how I only have 51 posts. sadblauw

#7:  Author: Jeff PostPosted: Thu 22 May, 2003
Congratulations PasQuale! bier
And all members and Mod Team wink

Lets get a lucid party lol grin2 :oof: party3 bier


#8: Yay!!! Author: Hivemind PostPosted: Fri 23 May, 2003
Why shouldn't we have a Lucid party.Let's meet at the Lucid Crossroads.I'll bring the desserts. ^^

#9:  Author: CCHawk PostPosted: Sat 24 May, 2003

party3 bounce bier grin2 grin3 coolrastaman

i'll be here for next years anniversary too, and the year after, and the year after, and...

great site pasQuale!!! Nice avatar Dreamaddict!

#10:  Author: Kat PostPosted: Sat 24 May, 2003
Happy one year anniversery to our wounderful FORUM made by the very tallented pasQuale !! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
woooooooooooooyoooooooooooooooooooooooooo !!!! party3 party3 party3 party3
I'd like to make a toast: May this forum continue growing as it has and may it inspire people to LD and do all other things with their dreams !! CHEERS !! bier
This forum is important to everyone here, it has given us new things to think about and it has become part of our lives. May it live 4ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!

#11:  Author: Dm7 PostPosted: Sat 24 May, 2003
CHEERS!!! bier bier bier

I'm honored to be on 1 year old forum especially when it's having a b-day party. grin I'm probably too late... but... oh well.


#12:  Author: Pilot PostPosted: Sat 24 May, 2003
Happy Birthday LD4ALL!! party1

#13:  Author: ulrik_tr PostPosted: Mon 26 May, 2003
Hurray!! colgate bier party3 grin3 lach2

#14:  Author: Neo PostPosted: Tue 27 May, 2003
1300 members in one year, jus imagine how many this time next year...*thinks about, gets a scared look on face, and hides behind a rock* crazy

#15:  Author: Sleepyhead PostPosted: Tue 27 May, 2003
One year already, I can hardly believe it.

Happy Anniversary everyone, and here's to another fruitful year of lucid dreaming! bier

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