Celebrate our 1 year anniversary!!
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#16:  Author: mindexplorer PostPosted: Mon 09 Jun, 2003
i dont know what to say...
and i honestly dont know what i would have done without this forum. without it i would prob not have kept on lucid dreaming at all, i prob wouldnt have read all the intresting things i have read, so i wouldnt be the same person....i think this is a very important forum for many of us here, thanks pasQuale
thanks everyone!!!!
keep up the brilliant work!!

#17:  Author: explora PostPosted: Sun 20 Jul, 2003

I just want3ed to say a VERY late happy brithday message to the ld4all forum. it's a great place pasQuale!!

also.. i just wanted to have my name up on the list smile haha.

thankyou. nick

#18:  Author: Pantalimon PostPosted: Sun 20 Jul, 2003
I also better add a belated happy birthday, the Crossroads site also just turned 1 a few days ago. This site is a great resource P and it has been my homepage for ages.

wink Russell

#19: Hurray Author: DutchThor PostPosted: Thu 24 Jul, 2003
Hurray Hurray!

I guess this is the #1 lucid dreaming forum. We've all learned a lot of this forum, at least I did, I guess we can call ourselves THE dream experts! Because I know no other website with so much LDers!



#20:  Author: Dust Mote PostPosted: Thu 24 Jul, 2003
I just wondered into the News Forum, and better late than never:

party3 party3 party3

This really is a great place, and I've managed to get a few new lurkers over here. Hopefully they will start posting any day now....right!


LD4all » LD4all news and announcements

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